[INACTIVE] AuthMe v0.72 - High Performance Authorization plugin - MySQL/flatfile support[740]

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    Hello guys,

    the last days I have made an alternative authorization plugin for Bukkit, called AuthMe.
    AuthMe prevents people, which aren't logged in, from doing stuff like placing blocks, moving, typing commands or seeing the inventory of the current player.
    The possibility to set up name spoof protection kicks players with uncommon long or short playernames before they could actually join.
    Login Sessions make it possible that you don't have to login within a given time period.

    Each command and every setting can be enabled or disabled by a easy structured config file.
    And if you don't prefer English or don't like my translations ;) you can easily edit nearly every message sent by AuthMe!

    Nearly every version gots tested for stability and lag-ness on my 50+ player server.

    In the next coming days I will add some new features, just make some suggestions!

    • Following protections are activated, when a player is not logged in:
      • Movement protection
      • Block placement & damage protection
      • Inventory protection
      • Interaction protection (blocks usage of doors, chests)
      • Health protection
      • Commands & chat protection
    • Playername spoof protection
    • Protection against "Logged in from another location" messages
    • Login sessions
    • Editable settings & messages
    • MySQL and flatfile support
    • Custom MySQL tables/columns (useable for forums, other scripts)
    • Two data caches for best performance
    • Player side:
      • /register <password>
      • /login <password> -Alias: /l <password>
      • /logout
      • /changepassword <oldpassword> <newpassword>
      • /unregister <password>
    • Op and Console (without / ) side:
      • /authme reloadconfig
      • /authme reloadcache
      • /authme toggleregs
      • /authme deleteauth <playername>
    1. Download it.
    2. Put the downloaded jar file into your /plugins folder
    3. Run the server to generate configs.
    4. Edit the config on any way you wish.
    5. Following datasources are possible: flatfile or mysql
    6. Restart the server.
    7. If you have choosen MySQL as datasource, your table will be generated automatically, if it doesn't exist yet
    8. Done!
    Version History:

    o Fixed issues occuring on CB #670
    o Added /logout command
    o Added the possibility to disable joining of players that aren't registered

    o Cleaned up player cache code (performance!)
    o Changed the way of fixing the continuous player falling
    o Fixed BlockIgnite error messages
    o Fixed door/chest protection
    o It's now impossible to register/update/remove an account when updating the datasource had failed
    o Added editable messages
    o Default colors of messages are now stored in message file and can easily be changed

    Older versions (open)

    o Compatibility with CraftBukkit version 602
    o Op commands are now included in a general /authme command
    o Possibility to reload config under runtime
    o Fixed errors on reloading the plugin
    o Prevention against "Logged in from another location" messages
    o Fixed NullPointerException Errors
    o Possibility to add NPC names to config (to add compatibilty with NPC plugins)
    o Registrations can now be toggled by Ops
    o More debug messages on MySQL errors
    o Player sessions will now be created on player disconnect
    o Possibility to allow commands for non-registered/non-loggedin players
    o Custom fields on /register when using MySQL as datasource e.g. E-Mail
    o Kick player after x seconds, if he is not logged in
    o Op-Commands are now accessable via console
    o Commented config
    o Fixed players stuck in blocks on join
    o A lot more minor bug fixes
    o Fixed MySQL loading users wrongly and making them unregistered
    o Fixed continuously falling players on non-authenticated state
    o Whole new cache system for online players and offline players (performance boost!)
    o New datasource: MySQL support (beta)
    o MySQL can use custom tables, colums
    o Log messages on command/login/registration/session-login
    o Non-authenticated player can't use doors, chests or get drops
    o Fixed surviving bug
    o Fixed player health protection
    o Alias for /login command: /l <password>
    o Settable interval between alerts
    o Settable kick on wrong password
    o Settings for unregistered players (allow chat, allow walk around spawn)
    o Possibility to disable cache (useful for live-editing the datasource)
    o CraftBukkitUpToDate support (soon!)
    o Editable messages
    o Added /changepassword command
    o Added /unregister command
    o Added /resetauth command
    o Added /reloadauths command
    o Added option to disable forced registration
    0.42pre (unreleased)
    o Login/Register commands don't show up on console anymore
    o Waaay better performance with 50+ players online
    o Login sessions
    o Config settings
    o Fixed incompatibility with plugins that use the onPlayerMove Event
    o Better performance
    o Location of auth.db has changed
    o New Authentication Cache (Maybe fixes memory issues)
    o Fixed possible missing inventories after server restarts
    o Compatibility with newer Bukkit versions
    o Fixed possible item duplication bug
    o Fixed command protection
    o Fixed some error messages, when a player is leaving
    o Release

    If you like my plugin and want support my work, fell free to donate. Thanks.

    Download AuthMe V0.72
    Help developing AuthMe via GitHub
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    Nope, sorry. Currently I'm also working on other plugins, not just AuthMe... But the next version will come soon. ;)
    I think it's you. My server is running fine on it without lags. Did you try disabling other plugins? Could be possible, that another one causes this.
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    rapidshare.com so much slow upload to mediafire.com instead of delays shit
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    Netto Hikari

    This is a nice plugin, I'd even provide some space on my spare server for it. Tell me what you think about it.
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    I totally agree, rapidshare and megaupload are the worst hosting services because they impose many restrictions. Medafire is waaay better.
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    Thanks for your offer. I have successfully set up my webserver now, so the next AuthMe version will be on my website. Additionally I will add support for CraftBukkitUptoDate.
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    Netto Hikari

    Very good. :) Glad to hear that. ^^
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    This plugin works wonderful, thanks for making it :D

    There is one small thing i cant figure out though.
    I wanted to add - (dash) to the allowed regex so looked up that wiki and i made it look like this:
    _- didnt seem to work so i added \p at the end, now people can connect with a dash in their name.
    But i do get an annoying msg everytime when someone logs in because it says the regex is not correct
    says somthing like wrong symbol { ] } however, butwhen i remove the symbol people with a dash cant connect anymore

    Can anyone give me the correct line i have to type to allow dashes without getting spammed?

    Thanks once more
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    This plugin looks pretty smooth. I was wondering if there was an option to disable registration (i.e. new users cant register, but registered users can still login). If so I was wondering if you could add a command to toggle this on and off.

    I'm currently on AnjoCaido's plugin for offline registration. I like it, but it doesn't play nice with iConomy.
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    I'm not good with the auth plugins as you can see (post above you)
    But seeing your request it's basically the same as whitelist, is it not? :D maybe you should try that.
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    Your plugin is awesome. It has solved my problems on my offline server. I have some suggestions.
    Could you add an option for using MySQL, and locking a user after a specified amount of incorrect entries?
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    I run an offline server. A white list would be ideal if I wasn't though. The problem with offline servers is anyone can come in, get banned, then just change their IP/name in an instant. I had a huge griefing problem before getting an Auth plugin.
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    AuthMe version 0.6 is out! MySQL support included.

    Adding dashes was already solved in post #85.

    You can toggle logins or registrations in config.
    Added that feature to my list. Thanks.

    To make sth. like a whitelist: Get the new 0.6 version, disable caching in config and disable the register command.
    Now you can add somebody in the flatfile or mysql. For MD5 just search for a online MD5 password generator.
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    Confirmed. Runs on last recomended build (556). Lags on someone joins the game.
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    @fabe, thanks for repeating the solution.
    At first it still didn't work because i wanted to add . and , too so it looked like '[a-zA-Z0-9_?-_._,]*'
    but after changing it in [a-zA-Z0-9_._,_?-]*' it worked
    Just saying incase anyone else encounters it :)
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    /l do nothing except display a message "Usage: /login <password>".

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    I will look for that. An my server I can't see this issue.
    I don't really know why this happened. I successfully tested it locally. Any other plugins running with this alias?
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    Yep, sorry :confused: I set alias for /login with external plugin a few days ago. All works fine now.

    I want players sessions to be saved after server's restart, could you please add this feature?
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    Would it be possible to set the spawn location or make it hook to spawncontrol or essentials spawn so we can set custom spawn locations. Maybe make it so when a new player first logs in it runs defined commands automatically for them like /spawn. Thanks awsome plugin.
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    i seem to have to register multiple times while using mysql. there is 3 entries for me so far and 2 for another...
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    Yeah !! This plugins evolve really fast and on a good way !!:)

    I have a problem with v0.6 and MySQL support : impossible to make MySQL work
    [INFO] [AuthMe] Version 0.6 was successfully loaded!
    [INFO] [AuthMe] 7 registered players loaded in 0.0050 seconds!
    [INFO] [AuthMe] Cache for registrations is enabled!
    [INFO] [AuthMe] Using flatfile as datasource!

    But in the config file I have :
    Datasource: MySQL

    Any Idea ? What I'm doing wrong ?:(
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    Would be an idea to set up specious commands that are executed after login.
    You've got any errors in console? Make sure that your MySQL user can use the command COUNT.
    You can see if the server can handle this by watching the "[INFO] [AuthMe] x registered players loaded in 0.0050 seconds!" message on server load. If x is not 0 and somebody is in database it should work.
    You have to type it in lower case, for example:
    Datasource: mysql
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    Thanks !! One more time :)
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    installed your plugin using mysql. only issue I have is when a new player connects, they bob in the air and get spammed with "please identify yourself ....", when they do they seemingly fall a great distance and either die or lose most of their life bar. without your plugin active, new logins are fine. ideas anyone?

    moments ago, i disabled all my plugins except AuthMe and this behavior still occured. I edited my map and placed the spawn point in a flat area and this behavior continued.

    running: Craftbukkit version git-Bukkit-0.0.0-544-g6c6c30a-b556jnks (MC: 1.3)
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    The PC Tech Guy

    Since I use a server wrapper (SimpleServer), IP connections are connected to the MC server via (or something like that). Is it possible you can add in the config to disable checking for IP for the sessions feature? (I know this poses a risk, but I'm willing to take it :))
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    Yes, however I run an offline server. A white list would not work.

    Even I can switch names, I know griefers can (I.E login as me, if there was just a whitelist). I like switching from time to time to test if permissions work right.

    OP I was wondering about an OP command to toggle registration on and off so I wouldn't have to reload config. If certain players came in that I wanted to block, I wouldn't be able to get to it in time.
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    I am also having problems with MySQL duplicating entrys and requiring re-registry no errors in the console registered then restarted the server and had to reregister this is what i see in the console.
    2011-03-21 17:39:49 [INFO] [AuthMe] Using MySQL as datasource!
    2011-03-21 17:39:49 [INFO] [AuthMe] Cache for registrations is enabled!
    2011-03-21 17:39:49 [INFO] [AuthMe] 1 registered players loaded in 0.056 seconds!
    even though 20 plus players are already registered in the sql DB
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    are the passwords in MySQL saves as md5 hashes? If not think u can make a converter that turns user:md5 hash into the MySQL database? Would be very helpful. Also does this block op commands
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    it does md5 built-in
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    So even in the MySQL database it has the passwords as md5 hashes? :s
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    registering via the plugin saves passwords as md5, i had to rewrite my custom website registration to save passwords as md5 so they could be read from in-game. the password column within mysql is propagated with md5 strings

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