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    I used hey0's /spawnmob command a lot, and I haven't found /spawnmob for bukkit, so I created my own. This plugin uses nijikokun's Permissions plugin if you have it; otherwise, it uses ops.txt. Most plugins are built with bukkit.jar in the path, but SpawnMob is built with craftbukkit.jar so that it can call functions not in the API. Thanks to NathanWolf for saying to use world.a(e) because I was unable to get this to work until I saw his post. (This doesn't let me upload jarfiles so I put the plugin in a zip.) Source

    /spawnmob <mob name>[:<slime size> || ;<mob that is riding>] [amount of mobs]
    This syntax is probably confusing, so I'll give some examples:
    - /spawnmob Chicken;Giant 5 will spawn a giant riding a chicken
    - /spawnmob Slime:5 will spawn five huge slimes
    NOTE: Right now, you can't spawn slimes riding other mobs or vice versa.

    /mspawn <mob name>
    while looking at a mob spawner.

    Mob List:
    -Giant (not in /mspawn)
    -Slime (not in /mspawn)

    - spawnmob.spawnmob.<mob type || mob category (friendly || neutral || enemy)>
    - spawnmob.mspawn.<mob type>
    - spawnmob.spawnmob.neutral
    - spawnmob.mspawn.pig
    NOTE: Permissions is case-sensitive, so you have to type 'spawnmob.spawnmob.pig' and not 'spawnmob.spawnmob.Pig' or 'SpawnMob.spawnmob.pig'.

    Allow slimes to ride and be ridden.
    Allow the spawning of mobs riding other mobs.
    Allow the changing of mob spawner types.

    Now 1.4.1!
    -Attempted to fix a bug involving Permissions.
    -Fixed Giant spawning.

    -Mobs spawn at the pointer.

    -Updated to the newest version of Permissions. You have to update too.

    -Just another fix for a bug caused by my carelessness. The bug was that I didn't catch a NoClassDefFoundException when Permissions wasn't found.

    -I realized that I had never called the setupPermissions() method, causing the plugin to use ops.txt instead. Fixed.

    -Fixed PigZombie spawning.
    -Added the ability to spawn mobs riding other mobs.

    -Added /mspawn using toimelin's TargetBlock.java.
    -Changed Permissions.

    -Added variable slime sizes with "/spawnmob Slime:size" (any integer greater than one works)
    -Instead of saying "2 Pig(s) spawned." and "2 Sheep(s) spawned." it says "2 pigs spawned." and "2 sheep spawned."
    -Permissions are more customizable, i.e. "spawnmob.squid" or "spawnmob.neutral"

    Known bugs:
    -Slime size rendering
    -A mob spawner will continue to spawn pigs after its type is changed. The pigs will be invincible and will disappear on a chunk reload. This is similar to the mob spawner behavior on a server with animals off.

    New Project Link:


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    I spawned a giant. It was cool :D
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    Doesent work when i try to spawn something shows some errors in console
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    errors exactly.. i was getting errors when installing it too. then i got it working.
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    I can't fix the bug if you don't tell me what it is. Post the error message that you get so I can fix it.
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    works with recent 135 build, very nice plugin. Although Slimes are fucking crazy! Cant wait for the mob spawner part. I have my mods making dungeons now.
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    By the way, what's the permission node I have to add?
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    Please update this forum with at least a basic installation and usage guide. Include a list of commands, references for Permissions, and available size values for slimes.
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    Just drop the jarfile in the plugins folder.
    There is only one command, and it works exactly like the hey0 one. EDIT: I just added a list after adding the /mspawn command.
    The Permissions references are already there. EDIT: I added a complete guide for the new references because they are more complicated.
    I will add those now.
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    Never used the program before. I'll assume the command is /spawnmob but what are the variables?
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    Is it possible to make creatures smaller???
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    Okay, I'm adding them.
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    I can't wait for the spawner feature. I've been looking for a plugin that would do so so I could implement my mob farm idea to my server.
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    Version 1.2.0 out! It adds /mspawn.
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    Info on mspawn? :)
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    will this spawn monsters even if i have have spawn monsters offf
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    Great plugin!
    One thing though would it be possible to a x y z position to have mob spawned?
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    Check out VoxelSniper ;) it can spawn monsters anywhere you point and Much, much more!
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    I can't seem to get this to work. I've added this to my Permissions config.yml:

                - 'spawnmob.spawnmob.pig'
    but in game when I type:

    /spawnmob pig
    all I see is a message saying You can't use this command. The other commands (from Essentials) seem to work fine. Any idea what's wrong?

    Craftbukkit 137 (I think)
    Permissions 1.9
    Essentials 93
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    having a HUGE problem with invisible mobs after installing this. It could be something else, im not sure. But mobs are basically completely glitched. Some are on fire at night, some glitch and don't move, and most are invisible.

    I'm baffled.
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    My plugin shouldn't do anything to mobs unless you execute the command. It might be another plugin conflicting with mine.
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    Thanks for the response. I'll try throwing your jar file out of the plugins directory and see if anything changes to deduce that possibility.
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    Does this permission system not support spawnmob.spawnmob.* node? I put that in and still can't get access to the command.

    So does that mean I have to list out every mob type?
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    Just to report back, I noticed nothing when taking out your plugin.

    Therefore the cause is likely some other plugin.
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    I am having the same issue as bionic nipple.
    You can't use this command
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Also using permissions, and most likely it's something setup wrong on my end.
    Does anyone have a permissions file they can paste for a look?

    Thank you for the plugin!
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    All my plugin does with permissions is ask Permissions (the plugin) whether a user can use a plugin. However, I may have had a bug that made SpawnMob check if you could use spawnmob.spawnmob<mob name> instead of spawnmob.spawnmob.<mob name> . If you update the the latest version, it should work.
    EDIT: I now admit that I am an idiot. I forgot to call the setupPermissions() method. This is fixed in the latest build.

    Also, 1.3.0 is out with the ability to spawn mobs riding other mobs.
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    I put the line in the permissions config and it says You can't use this command like the others have stated. I just downloaded it literally so its not the old version.
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    Is it possible that the mob spawner can't spawn enemy mobs, when the server has enemy mobs turned off?
    It seems to work with animals (although it spawns randomly pigs, like you said), but monsters don't seem to work.
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    I believe that is the case.

    Version 1.3.1 is out, fixing the Permissions integration.
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    Can you please add support for ops.txt instead of relying completely on Permissions? Thanks.
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    Did you even read the post? I shouldn't respond to this.
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