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    I used hey0's /spawnmob command a lot, and I haven't found /spawnmob for bukkit, so I created my own. This plugin uses nijikokun's Permissions plugin if you have it; otherwise, it uses ops.txt. Most plugins are built with bukkit.jar in the path, but SpawnMob is built with craftbukkit.jar so that it can call functions not in the API. Thanks to NathanWolf for saying to use world.a(e) because I was unable to get this to work until I saw his post. (This doesn't let me upload jarfiles so I put the plugin in a zip.) Source

    /spawnmob <mob name>[:<slime size> || ;<mob that is riding>] [amount of mobs]
    This syntax is probably confusing, so I'll give some examples:
    - /spawnmob Chicken;Giant 5 will spawn a giant riding a chicken
    - /spawnmob Slime:5 will spawn five huge slimes
    NOTE: Right now, you can't spawn slimes riding other mobs or vice versa.

    /mspawn <mob name>
    while looking at a mob spawner.

    Mob List:
    -Giant (not in /mspawn)
    -Slime (not in /mspawn)

    - spawnmob.spawnmob.<mob type || mob category (friendly || neutral || enemy)>
    - spawnmob.mspawn.<mob type>
    - spawnmob.spawnmob.neutral
    - spawnmob.mspawn.pig
    NOTE: Permissions is case-sensitive, so you have to type 'spawnmob.spawnmob.pig' and not 'spawnmob.spawnmob.Pig' or 'SpawnMob.spawnmob.pig'.

    Allow slimes to ride and be ridden.
    Allow the spawning of mobs riding other mobs.
    Allow the changing of mob spawner types.

    Now 1.4.1!
    -Attempted to fix a bug involving Permissions.
    -Fixed Giant spawning.

    -Mobs spawn at the pointer.

    -Updated to the newest version of Permissions. You have to update too.

    -Just another fix for a bug caused by my carelessness. The bug was that I didn't catch a NoClassDefFoundException when Permissions wasn't found.

    -I realized that I had never called the setupPermissions() method, causing the plugin to use ops.txt instead. Fixed.

    -Fixed PigZombie spawning.
    -Added the ability to spawn mobs riding other mobs.

    -Added /mspawn using toimelin's TargetBlock.java.
    -Changed Permissions.

    -Added variable slime sizes with "/spawnmob Slime:size" (any integer greater than one works)
    -Instead of saying "2 Pig(s) spawned." and "2 Sheep(s) spawned." it says "2 pigs spawned." and "2 sheep spawned."
    -Permissions are more customizable, i.e. "spawnmob.squid" or "spawnmob.neutral"

    Known bugs:
    -Slime size rendering
    -A mob spawner will continue to spawn pigs after its type is changed. The pigs will be invincible and will disappear on a chunk reload. This is similar to the mob spawner behavior on a server with animals off.

    New Project Link:


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    Is this exactly like the hmod version?
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    Tanky tanky! Yet another hole in my hMod > CraftBukkit conversion process, filled. Testing now, will report back with any issues.

    EDIT: Tested and working just fine on Build 132. Here are what I've tested that works thus far (some of the unimplemented mobs are understandably glitchy, but do spawn nonetheless):
    1. Pig
    2. Cow
    3. Sheep
    4. Squid
    5. Creeper
    6. Zombie
    7. Skeleton
    8. Spider
    9. PigZombie
    10. Ghast
    11. Giant
    12. Slime
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    Does this spawn the mob or a mob spawner? :p Would it be possible to have a command that spawns a mob spawner of a specific mob?
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    same question as matcat. . mobs themselves. or spawners?
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    Aww, no spawning Humans. D:
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    It spawns the mobs themselves, not the Mob Spawner block.
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    It creates mobs. I'll add the ability to change mob spawners once the Bukkit team makes HitBlox because I'm too lazy to make it myself :). EDIT: I used toimelin's TargetBlock file because HitBlox didn't seem high on the Bukkit team's agenda.
    --- merged: Jan 23, 2011 8:21 PM ---
    @Sparky I'll try to add Human spawning.
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    question please respond! how do i install this. i really want it ! .. i tried to just put the entire folder in the plugins dir. but it doesnt work
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    Some documentation might be nice, like how to install it!
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    Step 1: Take the .jar out of the .zip
    Step 2: Put the .jar into the plugins directory
    Step 3: Restart server

    If you're not getting a .jar from the .zip, get a better archive program, like 7zip. Some archive programs like to open the .zip, then open the .jar as well. This is bad, and not at all what you want.
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    Works with #132, nice & thanks
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    thank you. got the jar using a different archiver
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    I unzipped it and got this:
    Directory: SpawnMob

    In this directory: META-INF directory, Org directory, plugin.yml
    In META-INF directory: MANIFEST.MF
    Org -> Bukkit -> xmlns -> spawnmob -> 3 .class files.

    No .jar in there anywhere.

    Edit: but I AM retarded and didn't realise it was unarchiving the .jar as well. Thanks!
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    What archive program do you guys use? Windows Explorer opens the zip file just fine, and so does 7zip.
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    im on mac. so. i used 7Zip for mac. it worked. i got it . and just put it into my plugins. and it works great :) thanks. and. also. would it be possible for this to be able to like. spawn the mob at your cross hair. because. i keep dying from the giants and creepers spawning in side of me. ;p. but. this IS an amazing plugin as is
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    Nice! Glad I could help! [​IMG] Awesome plugin.

    And... giants!?! I must add them to my familiar spell! And, yeah, do slimes work? Gotta try those, too, if there's a class file for them.
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    Yes, Slimes do work, I forgot to add them to the list. They're one of the ones that can be a little wonky though.
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    Devon L Ferree

    Does this work with the permissions plugin?
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    I can't seem to get Humans to spawn, but they wouldn't do anything if they did.
    --- merged: Jan 24, 2011 3:15 AM ---
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    if your Mob class could spawn Humans NPC plugins would benefit quite a bit.
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    what npc plugins? been hunting for one for a while yet to see one :(

    like the plugin we played with the mobs...ghast was a mistake though lol
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    Thanks for releasing this =)
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    YAML can have multiple named properties in a group and it's easier to write by hand than XML or JSON.
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    i have had hours and hours and hours and hours of rewriting yml config files due to the wrong space or the stupid way it cant handle tab but everthing is tabbed
    and one config file i rewrote maybe 4 times i found out the error was something like this value :true when it should of been value : true ......one lousy space!!!!

    you need a special program to edit them notepad...my fine and trusted friend of many years...not good enough

    i hate YML hate it hate it hate it *jumping up and down screaming* cant sleep the yml will get me cant sleep the yml will get me!

    but errr thats my signature not my post lol
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    I spawned a slime on Hmod once...

    The size of a player's foot.

    It killed 22 people in 45 seconds.
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    lol like it!

    we spawned a ghast, id never seen one it flew up and started fire bombing us....near our woodern roofed houses
    there was panic as both me and the other admin wondered what to do ....followed by a mansoon of arrows :) (and err some eggs)
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    Spawning slimes doesn't work well. I don't think it has to do with my plugin or with hMod; it's a problem with the Minecraft code. Slimes don't look the size they should, so saying /spawnmob slime:50 could make my client render a tiny slime.
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