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    Reserved The ultimate slot reservation plugin
    v2.2.2b [490]
    Download [JAR | config.yml] - Donate
    Updated: 3/8/2011 - 8:55pm EST
    Previous: v2.2.1b [490], v2.2b [490], v2.1b [440], v2.0.2 [232]

    Reserved is an extensive slot handling plugin designed to suit your needs. It currently supports multiple methods of reservation, including hMod's.
    Configuration (open)

    Download Permissions
      # The method to be used in reserving seats for players
      # default - If a player is on the reserve[Groups] list they can connect at anytime, and do not count towards max-players
      # hmod     - If a player on the reserve list connects when the server is full they are allowed
      # kick    - If a player on the reserve list connects when the server is full they are allowed, and someone is kicked* to make room for them
      # * If no one can be kicked then the connecting player is denied
      reserveMethod: hmod
      # The time a seat is reserved for when a player leaves (0 = disabled)
      holdSeats: 0
      # Log commands to server.log?
      logCommands: true
      # Log when the server is full?
      logOnFull: true
      # Log when a reserved player joins?
      logOnReserved: true
    # Players from this list will be allowed to connect when the server is full
        - 8e8
        - Player
        - Admins
        - Moderators
    # A player from this list will be kicked when the server is full if reservedMethod: kick
      # The players get searched first
        - 8e8
        - Player
      # The groups get searched in the order
        - Members
        - Default
    # Players from this list will be immune* to drops due to slot reservation when the server is full and reservedMethod: kick
    # * Unless no one else can be kicked
      # The players get searched last
        - 8e8
        - Player
      # The groups get searched in order
        - Admins
        - Moderators
    Special Thanks (open)

    @Kainzo @bleem313 @Synicyde : for lending me their servers for testing.
    @Jobsti @uncovery @Odjit @oliverw92 : for helping make this plugin what it is now. Your suggestions have been turned into features.
    @SquallSeeD31 : for pointing out the conflict with Whitelist

    @ Everyone who's supporting this plugin and trying to break it. Without you I'd be clueless about whether or not it really works.
    Changelog (open)

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    I'll include this as optional.

    Good news! I'm on the last leg of testing. Everything seems to be working as it should. It was quite a journey to get it this far. This plugin has evolved so much from my original idea, and I'm happy to say it's the ultimate reservation plugin :]

    I'm currently implementing the hMod style reservation setting, and then I'll be writing up a document (because it's going to need one) for the plugin along with releasing the update. Reservation 2.0 coming your way!
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    When this plugin release, i run my 2 Servers, i waiiiiit :D
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    There is an incompatibility between Whitelist and Reserved, I started to look into your code, but I'm short on time right now.
    I hope to find a solution so both plugins can work, any ideas?

    Btw, I think you should register your events in onEnable(), not in the constructor.
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    The issue has already been brought up, and It's fixed for the newest version. The reason the events are registered in the constructor is because there currently is no point in putting them in onEnable, since they can't be unregistered.
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    If I might add: Without looking at your code, I think the problem is in the prioritizing, if it gets handled like I think it does.
    One of your plugins should have a higher priority. The plugin with the highest priority will then check if event was cancelled. If it was, then event.setCancelled(true) AKA accept the cancellation.

    It might not be as simple as that, but in theory I think it should work. I don't know much about the events though, so I might be wrong :)
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    Events are automatically unregistered, when the plugin is disabled.
    When reenabled, your plugin wont register its events anymore.
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    You're right it's not as simple ;]
    I've already fixed the issue, and starting to edit the topic to better reflect the new version which I'll be releasing shortly.

    There currently is no method to disable plugins. Any plugin which claims to have an enable/disable command is only running onEnable/onDisable. That's not the same thing. If you meant with /reload, then that's also incorrect, as I've been using that to test the plugin after making config changes.
    --- merged: Feb 4, 2011 3:15 PM ---
    Updated! Please be sure to read through everything before you start using the updated version. If you can, try and test each method to it's fullest to make sure it's working. I'd appreciate knowing if there are any issues with them so I can correct them immediately.
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    Fixed collisions with Whitelist and similar plugins

    On my Server Whitelist and Reserved 2.0 doesn't work-.-

    Whitelist do not kick the Users-.-
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    I was assuming it wouldn't interfere... My bad. I've now set it to lowest priority, and I promise now Whitelist will work. I just hope doing this doesn't cause some other problem.
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    Yes, it works!
    Whitelist kick players and Reserved let me join!

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    Glad to see this come into fruition.
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    I'm glad to see that's the only bug posted since I released the update ;]
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    With bukkit builds: 203 210 and 252 Using reserve 2.0.1 I run into a big problem. I can ban or ipban a player from the server and they can log right back in, I checked every plugin from essentials to Authorize and nothing helped until I unloaded the reserve list, then banning commands returned to normal. Could you please look into this if you get a chance?
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    I have this EXACT same problem. It took me a long time to figure out that this plugin was the culprit. As I'm sure you're aware, this is a HUGE issue and pretty much makes this plugin unusable until fixed.

    I must say though, I love the new feature of making the reserve list obey the max-players. Thanks! Hopefully we get a fix for this soon, as this plugin is really considered a necessity for my server.

    Keep up the great work!
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    Are you using the default ban command? I added a check to make sure a banned player couldn't bypass it a couple versions ago. I'll have to test this myself and see what happens.
    --- merged: Feb 5, 2011 9:38 PM ---
    I found the error. I used the wrong operator in my banned/kick other check. Uploading the fix now.
    --- merged: Feb 5, 2011 9:47 PM ---
    Upload & Updated @mudzereli @silverknight
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    Thanks for the fix! I updated and everything works great, thanks so much!!!
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    Just dropping by to say LOVING the new permissions group support - it's fantastic :D No more adding 80-billion people into a single file :D
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    The kick method does not seem to work for me, but when i use the hmod method it works fine. The problem is that i might get in trouble with my hosters if i use the hmod method. When i enable the kick method, nothing happens, The person on the reserved list just simply can't join cuz the server is full.
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    Great update!

    Little question, I want this config:
    If Server is Full and a member connect, a Default user will be kicked, if no default user is on, the member can't connect, because Server is full.
    If Server is Full and a mod/admin want to connect, no one (or only Defaul users) will be kicked, and 21/20 are online (20 max).


        - admin
        - mod
        - member
        - Default
    on reserveList are the admin and modnames.
    I think, for this, I need the useHModReserve and kick together?! (have to wait for the next update)
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    I believe I see what you're saying. You want another group list which can kick the bottom level groups to make room when they join, and if it's someone on the higher level grouplist, no one will be kicked in order for them to join.

    Hey I'm all about it. I already called this the ultimate reservation plugin, so I may as well give full control over how it works. I'll have a look at it sometime later. I want to finish a first release of MultiPort, update GodMode, and then update/split Ignite/Extinguish.
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    Great plugin. Bumpin.
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    I didnt search for what was wrong, I rather try another plugin
    but on build 304 with whitelist 1.6 and other plugs, it ignored maxplayers=22 and allowed more and more to join.
    EDIT: LoL my bad, there is no other working plugin anyway, its maxplayers+reserved people, cool

    Dont know what is wrong but since new builds the load is soo masive that it barely can hold 12 people without lags :/

    Works on build 319 too, and it seems it works on 322 too
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    does it work on build 320?
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    It should! I don't see why not ;]
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    I'm getting "server full" error messages at around 9/15 after adding this. My server host claims they have no idea why it's happening. I don't experience lag or anything, either.

    Latest CB build.
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    I need more info than that. What do your settings look like? 9/15 as in players/max-players? What other plugins are you using?
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    Getting a "Server is full!" message as well, at about 8 players (20 max). No console errors other than:

    2011-02-19 05:06:25 [INFO] Disconnecting username [/]: Server is full!
    Unloading your plugin fixes it.

    Please check for memory leaks. This only seems to occur after about 6 hours of uptime.
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    I had same problem even after fresh start, 3 players were online, max is 20 players and players not on reserve list got this message, then after minute or two it worked ok, 20players + reserved joined, didnt happened yet. Will see how it behaves after 3hours or so when lot of players connect/disconect.
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    hey man i was using this but then all the sudden when i reset server it keps saying server is full to everyone and not even i coudl log on..it was 0 ppl online
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    For some reason when I use the "kick" setting no one gets kicked for reserved groups. I believe I'm on build 329. Is there anyway of fixing this?

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