[INACTIVE][ADMN] ClearDrops v1.0 - Clear Drops Around You [860]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Jayjay110, Jun 13, 2011.

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    Clear Drops - Clear Drops Around You! :p

    Current Version: 1.0

    Basically this plugin allows you to clear those annoying mishaps on world edit when u accidentally make thousands of torches fall on the floor, or even when you have some random griefer drop all your items and makes ur server lag :p

    To use type /cd or /cleardrops it doesnt matter:
    /cd <name/id> <radius> - This clears all the drops you specify in the radius you choose

    • Allows you to clear certain drops on the floor
    • Permissions
    Permissions (open)

    • ClearDrops.Use - Gives access to using the /ClearDrops command


    Source Code

    Todo (open)

    • Create easier item listing system, and partial matches!

    Bugs (open)

    N/A :p

    Version 1.0:
    • Initial Release
    Changelog (Long) (open)

    Version 1.0:
    • Initial Release
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    jolly good, old chap.
    I once had an embarrassing accident where 4000 pork chops spawned.
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    @Jayjay110 Thank you so much for this! I keep having problems with SimpleVend when I accidentally put 10 more 0s at the end of a sign and vend 1000000 items at once lol.
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    Glad people like this, it was very easy, took a bout 10 minutes to set up and 5 to code lol, I kept needing it but also kept putting it off :p
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    You must be an extremely fast typer :eek:
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    Lol when I set up new plugins I copy + paste one of my older ones, then quickly rename everything and add the code that makes it an actual plugin
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    exactly, thats what I did basically lol, and I have a template I created that holds all the variables of command names, permissions stuff and economy crap, so all i do is tweak the stuff lol
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    Awesome. Is that possible with arrows, too?
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    does world edit not do this also?
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    "clear drops" is not a description of "clear drops"
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  11. Love it! - Also, i love how it also auto updates? :D
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    World edit does this, what unique feature does this have to entice me to get it.
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    really, whats the code? I never knew that :3
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    It does? Tell more
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  17. Just wanted to inform you that you kinda put the wrong "source" to github.
    All I can find are compiled .class-files and not the .java-code ;)
    Would probably be worth a fix if you already went ahead and made the plugin open source :p
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    create drops maybe?

    so Admins could have "lolly scrambles"
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    what are you on? u high?

    Hmm nice idea, wat should the command be :)
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  21. This is the BEST plugins ever. For admins like myself who like to spawn /94 instead of 43 :D
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    umm yeah watever you say? ..I dont understand :3

    Scramble? so it creates drops in random positions?
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    Maybe so it turns air blocks that are varying distances from the player into drops?
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    Lol :p

    I can make it just randomly choose numbers in a radius and place them in the area, its easy to do, but do you want them placed in patterns aka: every second block etc or just complete randomness (well sort of, to the limits of java)
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    random maybe? to make it like a proper " drop scramble"
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    should i make them... pop? like shoot up in the air and drop down
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    that would be awesome :)
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    what on earth does it need to entice you to get it for............. its clearly for those that dont want/need to have world edit installed Hunckle general also had this feature altho the plugin fell out of date
    Feature Request: Can we have simply /cleardrops clearing all drops on the server please?
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    It quite clearly states in the post that in case you make a mistake with world edti, therfore i assume you have to have world edit installed to make a mistake with it.....

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