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    An Easy Inventory Configurator

    Download latest: v1.0.6 (Requires Permissions)
    Previous versions: v1.05, v1.0, QuickBucket

    SuperSlots is a simple yet powerful ingame inventory editor. Players enter in commands that work on slot ranges in the inventory, making easy inventory changes simple and fast. Users can change id, amount, fill buckets, empty them, stock empty slots, and more with speed. If any mistake is made, a simple undo gets back your old inventory. Extra parameters increase the power of this versatile plugin. Permissions are simple yet configurable, and any command can be disabled or enabled per user or group, using Nijikokuns' Permissions plugin. Server admins, use SuperSlots to easily edit your inventory without resorting to cumbersome and repetitive /i commands. Users, petition admins for this plugin, and get the powerful features you need!

    Initial Information (open)
    The base command for SuperSlots is /ss [parameter] [slot range(sr)] [modifiers]
    If you see '|' in a command, that means you can type the first command OR the abbreviation. Example: /ss help|h means you can type /ss help OR /ss h
    Make sure you have a slot range on those that require it! Slot ranges start from 0, up to 35.
    0-8 is the inventory bar. 8-35 is the inventory screen, starting from the top left.
    You can also use all|a for everything in your inventory, inv|i for
    the inventory screen and bar|b for the inventory bar.

    SuperSlots supports both filling and emptying buckets. Fill your buckets with lava, milk or water by typing /ss fill|f [sr] [id/item name]. Type /ss empty|e [sr] to watch buckets drain away.
    Superslots can clear inventories, with the command /ss clear|c [sr] instantly wiping all the stacks you don't want.
    Need to set how much each stack has? /ss amount|a [sr] [amount]. /ss more|m|less|l [sr] [amount] will change the stacks by that amount. More and less are interchangeable, and support negative numbers.

    SuperSlots can change many items at once, with the command /ss id|i [sr] [id] changing them into the id of your choice. You can type /ss data|d [sr] [data] to change that data on each specified slot. Superslots can also stock your inventory. /ss stock|s [sr] [id/name] [amount] (damage) (data) will fill any empty slots in the specified range with the item.

    All changes are reversible. /ss undo|u [sr] will restore your inventory to before you used the last SuperSlots command.

    Type /ss help|h for a complete listing of all commands.

    If this sounds like a bit too much for your average user to handle, restrict it using Permissions to those you trust and yourself, of course. Open the spoiler below for the details.
    Permissions (open)
    Simple Permissions nodes are:
    superslots.* for admins.
    superslots.player.* for users.

    This gives permissions for all commands to admins, and players permissions to use clear and empty. You can
    configure individual command permissions like so:
    superslots.admin.(command name)
    EG: superslots.admin.fill

    The players node contains the permissions *.empty and *.clear
    The admins node contains all the other commands, including help, fill, id, amount, etc.

    • Contains a variety of commands to edit your inventory, based on slot range.
    • Parameter-based commands, with aliases - succint yet versatile.
    • Has an undo command, if anything goes wrong.
    • Easy to configure permissions - as shown above.
    v1.0.6 - bugfixes.
    v1.05 - fixed for 670.
    v1.0 - initial release.

    QuickBucket has been rewritten as SuperSlots. If anything goes wrong, the undo all parameter should fix the last command you did. Post features, bugs, suggestions and support!
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    OK. It should work now.
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    Yup, working just fine! You might want to consider bumping up the version now and putting a nice big [493] in the topic's title. :)
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    OK, I will... but I don't think anyone likes this plugin :/
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    I've been trying out the other commands and it's a lot easier than it looked, I've been using it to distribute items to my players for a new server project and it's made my job a lot easier. :)
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    Thanks - you're I think the only person to enjoy using this plugin! I made it to be powerful and simple to use, so it's good to see that it's working.
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    Oh I would doubt that, not everyone replies to threads.
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    Looks very good and handy for people.
    Great plugin once again FullWall :)
    imma try it out tommorow. (on dial up at the momment)
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    Updated for latest cb.
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    @fullwall I'm having a problem with the stock command.

    I type /ss 9-35 stone 64

    This should give me a stack of smoothstone in every inventory slot except for the inventory bar. However, it only gives me a single smoothstone in each of those slots.
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    @QQCucumber - Finally, a post xD. Get 1.0.6 and the issue will be fixed.
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    Thanks, that fixed it.
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    Could you make it that a stack can handle more than 64 or the amount of -1 to get an infinite stack? Is this somehow possible?

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