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    Glen McNeilley

    HunkleberryGeneral - Friendly General Commands Plugin:
    • NEW-/msg, /reply and /afk. Better persisting. Sorted properties files. Better formed response from material matching.
    • NEW-Constraining functions, /setname may only set your own name, added /setothername. Added /home, /sethome, and /worldhome, /setworldhome- different options you may offer to groups that don't have full rights.
    • NEW-/setname persists through server restarts.
    • NEW-/sights, and /see, persisted world aware private named locations.
    • NEW-/worldloadlist, set worlds to load on startup. /hg_help displays only commands you can use.
    This is a friendly general command plugin with a number of excellent features. It will never do more than monitor the chat commands (nearly), which should allow for flawless integration with other plugins. In the event of a command name conflict a properties file is available to set an alias for the particular command, or all of them. Also provided is a config file for renaming the given Permissions2.0(Not Required) keys, and two config files that allow for the setting of server-wide and Ops permissions, all at the individual command level.

    Getting started:
    Please copy the plugin into your plugin directory and /reload your server to generate the plugins/HunkleberryGeneral/ path and properties files. Delete this path or these files at any time to have them regenerate with defaults at the next server reload.

    (alias functionality temporarily removed)
    (help with a workaround here)
    Download the C.B. 493+ plugin here (google docs)
    or wgetable (github)
    Download an example MOTD file here (google docs)
    Download the source code here (github)

    Commands of note:
    • /sights and /see, private named locations.
    • /leap and /flick, well implemented world-aware teleport command.
    • /getblock and /giveblock, itemdata aware inventory generators for items under your crosshair.
    • /slay and /cleardrops, to clean up any messy world spawns
    • /strata, a command which allows you to teleport x number of air/solid block transitions (stratum, loosely) such as walls, mountains, trees,..., e.g., using /strata 3 while looking at the ceiling at the bottom of a multi-story building will teleport you 3 floors up. Last but not least using /strata 0 will teleport you to the face of the solid under your crosshair, as long as safe ground is below.
    • /setworldtype, creates a file in the world directory that permanently declares the environment of the world. This file is read by /loadworld, negating the possibility of messing up the world by using the wrong environment type.
    • /worldloadlist, set the worlds that will load on startup.

    /get {itemId|itemName} [quantity:default=1] [itemData:default=null]
    /give {playerName} {itemId|itemName} [quantity:default=1] [itemData:default=null]
    /getblock [quantity:default=1] [itemData:default=targeted]
    /giveblock {playerName} [quantity:default=1] [itemData:default=targeted]
    /clearinv [playerName:default=self]
    /clearinvall [playerName:default=self]
    /listinv [playerName:default=self]
    /matcontains {string}
    /heal [playerName:default=self]
    /setname {newName} [index,color/...:default=no color]
    /setnameother {playerName} {newName} [index,color/...:default=no color]
    /who [world:default=all] [brief|long:default=brief]
    /setspawn [{x} {y} {z} [worldName]]:default=current location
    /setcompass [playerName] [x y z] [here]:default=current world spawn
    /msg {playerName(*=all)[.worldName(*=all):default=all]} {message}
    /reply {message}
    /afk [message]
    /sights {add|remove|list|save}[name:req. for set|remove]
    /see [name:default=home]
    /leap [[worldName] [playerName] [x y z]]:default=current world spawn
    /fling {name}[worldName] [playerName] [x y z]:default=current world spawn
    /gather [playerName:default=all] [worldName:default=all]
    /strata [number:default=0]
    /gettime [playerName:default=self]
    /time [playerName:default=self] [time:default=noon]
    /loadworld {worldName}
    /createworld {worldName} {normal|nether}
    /setworldtype {worldName} {normal|nether}
    /worldloadlist {add|remove|list|save}
    /hg_help [command]:default=list commands
    /bounce {player} [minutes:default=forever] [message]
    /unbounce {player}
    /bounceip {player} [minutes:default=forever] [message]
    /forcebounce {player|ip}
    /loadplugin {name}
    /disableplugin {name}
    /enableplugin {name}
    /writehtml (no arguments)
    /writebukkit (no arguments)
    /writeyaml (no arguments)
    /setcommandalias {command} [alias:default=""]
    /setserverallow {command} {true|false}
    /setopsonly {command} {true|false}
    /setpermissions {command} [new string:default=""]


    • 0.75 /msg, /reply, /afk, persistance tweaks, matching list tweaks
    • 0.74 /setname v./setothername, /home, /sethome, /worldhome, /setworldhome
    • 0.73 added url to enable string while forums were down. /bounceip back again
    • 0.72 /setname now persists
    • 0.71 bugfix sight naming
    • 0.70 bugfix doc now reads add rather than set for /sights, rounded off /values.
    • 0.69 /sights, /see, internal data storage refactor.
    • 0.68 /worldloadlist, hg_help shows only commands you can use Head/440 builds
    • 0.67 /bounce,/bounceip,/unbounce,/forcebounce,/reloadbouncer,fix compass, refactor for new command setup
    • 0.66 /compass, /spawn, fix /time Holding C.B. at 444 for peace of mind for a bit
    • 0.65 /gather, better material name matching
    • 0.6 /who, /playerinfo, /setcompass
    • 0.51 bugfix for setname C.B 450
    • 0.5 /matcontains, material name matching, player alias matching.new delimiter for MOTD

    Task List:

    • persist player name changes, named locations, custom time settings
    • add many more of the common [GEN] and [ADMIN] commands /god, /tree...
    • kits.txt support
    • let me know what would be useful
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    Kevin Forte

    Is it possible for /sethome to become persistent? All home locations are wiped upon resetting the server. God, I hope the dev didn't abandon this, it's amazing!
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    Anyone know if this works on 602? If not I have to find a new general plugin. Not a fan of essentials.
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    The MOTD works, but so far on my server all of the Commands are failing - /fling, /get, ect. (602 build)
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    a question can you upload a permissions.proberty datei pls :D
    Thanks :p
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    The plugin author was last seen March 5th.

    So yeah, wouldn't count on any plugin updates. Switch to essentials. If you're lucky like me you'll get to explain to about a hundred users that it is now "/i" instead of "/get"
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    It's not that difficult to get working, the source is on github. A couple of fixes in post #162 of this thread. I think I had to do one more change to get it to compile against #670.

    We're still using it.
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    oh please update it to an actual build:) it would be so nice.
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    I got used to essentials. It has more features built in...kinda like it
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