[INACTIVE][ADMIN] EssentialsBan v202 - Lightweight Ban/Mute/Jail [531]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Zenexer, Feb 17, 2011.

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    As part of our effort to keep Essentials compatible with a wide range of plugins, and as a result of continued pressure from the Bukkit development community, we have opted to split Essentials into multiple sub-plugins. Most utilize the Essentials core, and require that it be present.

    EssentialsBan provides the following commands as of writing:
    • /ban
    • /unban
    • /kick
    • /banip
    • /unbanip
    • /mute
    • /togglejail (/tjail)

    For detailed documentation, including installation instructions, download links, and command description, please see our wiki. Special thanks goes to our support team headed by Aelux for this fantastic resource.

    For immediate installation, download the JAR directly.
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    Try plugin 'Jail' or 'MCBans'.
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    I wasn't considering it, but now that I think about it... (jk)

    The ban bug has nothing to do with EssentialsBan--it's a CraftBukkit bug. We've implemented a workaround--clearly CraftBukkit doesn't give a flying hoot because, as was stated, it's been over a week. By we, I mean ementalo. I provided... moral support? ;)
  4. I have just fixed the issue of people logging in after ban, it was a workaround as the issue lies in CB. This will be released today.

    I will look into the other issues as well, including splitting jail away from warps.
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    I didnt think it was true, I'd just seen it mentioned more than once in IRC and in various forum posts... thanks for clearing this up. You should probably get the forum mods to merge your topics and purge some age... I'd think it would be easier for your team to just look in one place to address issues... I know you have your wiki and own chat area (which i can never get to work) but for the most part the people never go far beyond the bukkit forums....
    --- merged: Mar 5, 2011 1:18 AM ---
    Essentials /MUTE does not stop the emotes /me - mute a player and they continue to jabber away through emotes..
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    Any chance of having the ability to ban a player for a certain amount of time?
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    /mute, /ban, and /ban IP don't work.

    Craftbukkit build 493
    Essentials ban version 202.
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    IOn Vash

    nothing works on this plugin.

    Craftbukkit build 493
    Essentials ban version 202.
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    will bans still work with mcbans?
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    Are you guys joking me?

    Wiki>Command List> "Control+F" Jail
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    ur download link is broken
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    I need permission node for /togglejail.
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    the link doesnt work :C
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    Awesome... So to have another plugin other than MCBans to run on my server, I MUST install Essentials... Pretty lame if you ask me, especially considering it throws a fit with all of the other existing permissions styled plugins I've tried and tries to overpower them, limiting what I can do...
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    @Zenexer is this still supported? According to the 531 version it's not...
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    Since the owner does not react although he is online, I consider this unsupported
  19. Just updating this inactive plugin post to point to the current information, it should probably locked and forgotten about.

    This plugin was merged into the main essentials package some time ago.

    You can find out more about essentials by visiting the wiki page.
    You can find the most recent download links posted also on the wiki page.

    If you need any help with essentials visit our support channel on espernet in channel #essentials

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