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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by axepex, Nov 21, 2014.

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    Greetings all! Okay, listen up...

    I'll keep this short and sweet because if you're like me, then you're probably very busy with many projects too.

    Let's get something straight please.... I am extending my greatest efforts in search of skilled and intelligent Bukkit / Minecraft developers. My name is Rick (Axepex); I am a 24 year old veteran developer, minecraft addict, and co-owner of FactionPro ( both server and .com). I work along side Hutchisonpatrick (same age) also owner, and master builder on the server. Together, we have been strategically planning the process of creating the ultimate and top-of-the-line server experience that any player would be lucky enough to stumble upon.

    Let's face it. There's a lot of junk out there. Right now, 90% of you all reading this are probably server owners too... waiting to turn a profit from loyal donations that never seem to come, let alone reach a player count larger than 3.

    Yes, times can be tough... we've been there too, especially with some early, early alpha testing we did for studying the pattern of players.

    The reason I put so much stress on the seriousness of my project is to obviously deter young an immature players from thinking I'm just going to hand over the key's to my world. In no way do we plan on straying from the blueprints, and if you were to join the development team, you as well would comply to our ultimate endgoal. Think of it as Intelligent Design in a Minecraft sense.

    ... And yes, by now, the players I don't want contacting me will have given up in understanding whether or not this is an instant op kind of thing. Well it's not. This is a search for other players who are ready to make something no one's ever seen before. We cannot reveal any details in such a public forum, but we can say this:

    Looking for
    People who have played for 2 or more years.
    Players who are 16 years of age or older.
    Others who are also not ashamed to say that they're addicted to this game.
    Proficient with plugin Quester (and can write advanced quests)
    Proficient with Citizens 2 or Denizen (NPC's and Traits)
    Builders a +

    I'm not saying we cannot do any of these things on our own... What I am saying is that we are looking to invite new minds to join, help and ultimately grow the most unique Faction, RPG, quest based, social server that ever were to exist.

    So much for keeping it short...

    Replies only please. No PM's accepted.
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    axepex Wow it took me until the "Looking For" part to realize this was for a server. I originally thought it was another one of those threads about bringing bukkit back haha
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    Oh man, as happy as that would make me, unfortunately I cannot give such good news. But! That didn't stop me from getting my server up to 1.8 ... and without a hard reset either. All hail spigot (lol).

    Thank you for the interest though. Sorry if my topic is a bit vague at first.

    I just wanted to add a visual reference for those interested. These are some of our starting basic designs:
    2014-11-16_22.01.37.png 2014-11-16_22.00.31.png 2014-11-12_15.38.16.png 2014-11-10_17.57.15.png 2014-11-10_17.37.38.png

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    bumping allowed?
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