IMPORTANT - Please Understand org.bukkit.* will fail - Update your Plugins!

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by ZeroDPS, Feb 15, 2011.

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    if you created your plugin using org.bukkit or anything.bukkit in your namespace your plugins will no longer work

    please read

    for more information...i see ALLOT of plugins still using this and TODAY is DDay

    for plugin users, expect allot of plugins to stop working VERY soon, and the only option is for developers to change the way the write plugins.

    For the plugin developers who do not understand what this means, well, you can send me a private message and i will help you in changing what needs to be changed.

    Zero - Plugin Developer and Concerned Server Admin
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    wrong area tbh - but still an important message none the less
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    i know its not the right area, but the sticky has been up in plugin development for a week and ALLOT of people have not made any changes, so i posted it in both forums
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    It might draw more attention to the issue if you move the known affected plugins to a separate section.
    Name it 'Plugins that will break' or something~ :3
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    here is a fairly complete list, went through all the plugins and opened the jar files to see name spaces.....

    I am not going to keep this list updated...These will BREAK if not fixed :)

    [INFO] Uptime v1.2 - Displays some uptime info.

    [MISC] EmptyBucket v0.1 - Empty your buckets without ruining your land! [186+]

    [MECH] BlastBox v1 - Easy to Use Block Destroyer[168]

    [FUN] XRay - A simple trick plugin

    [TP] BasicWarp [1.0] - Compatible with hey0 warps.txt

    [MECH] TGiver - Tracks, Redstone & Carts via command


    [ADMN/SEC] Whitelist v?

    [DEV] IPC - Inter Plugin Communication

    [INFO] PlayerList v1.1

    [MECH/SEC] BombBeGone+CreeperBeGone v1.7

    My First Plugin (When Pigs Fly)

    [CHAT] Muter plugin v?

    [INFO] UpTime v?

    [TOOL] MeasuringTape v0.7b - Easy measuring (now multiworld ready) [271]

    [CHAT] 7filter v1.00 - Stop those 7typos

    [MECH] PlantSpreader v0.5 (123/271)

    [INFO] OnlineUsers 1.5 [230]


    TimeShift 1.4.2 - Loosely Updated - TimeRift in dev.

    [ADMN] MarkLog v0.3 - Mark your server-log! [256]

    [ECON] Trade v0.3 - Command based trade system [-]

    [TP] QuickPort 0.1.2 for Bukkit [141] (Download link is fixed)

    [ADMN][GEN]iReserve 0.1- Can't join your own server? iReserve fixes that![86]

    [CHAT] AutoBroadcast v0.1 - Broadcasts messages at set intervals & supports colors! [210+]

    [CHAT] Multicast v1.00 - Simple channels for ops/admins

    [GEN] AdminsOnline v.0.4 - List online admins [302]

    [CHAT] AreaChat v1 - Localized Chat, with Shout Command

    [TP] PinPointTeleport v1.0.0 A safer X,Y,Z tele [83]

    [MECH] PickBoat v0.2 - Drop boat instead of destroying it [81]

    [MECH] Hidden Doors v1.1.0 - Hide Dem Doors [135]

    [SEC] vStopFire v1.0

    [MECH] SignLift v0.4 - Elevators with signs [164+]

    [ADMIN] WarnFreeze v0.5 - Freeze players on your server. [241]

    [FUN] BlockHead v0.2.3 - a simple plugin for putting blocks on your head [232]

    AntiBreak v1.21 - Make Tools Indestructible!

    [FUN] RoleplayingCommands v0.1 - Dice rolling, coin flipping, and card drawing [224]

    Bedrock Gap Insurance + Flat Earth v2.0 (Updated 1/20/11)

    [MECH]BlockPush V2.5 - Allows blocks to be pushed [280]

    [MECH] DeathBan v0.2 - Temporary Bans on Death

    [MECH] MySignEdit V1.2

    [FUN] Picasso 2.2

    [MECH] Redstone sponges! v0.45 - Makes sponges react to redstone! [293]

    [ADMN] HeroicRebuke v1.2.0 - Warn Players and Track Warnings [211+]

    [INFO] PingCraft V2.0 [Build 232+]

    [MECH] AnyReg v0.3c - Fixed crash after build 274 [300]

    [CHAT] ChatRooms v1.4 - [137]

    [MECH] SpawnHealth v0.7- No health during login [168]

    [MECH] TidyUpInventory v0.3 - Tidy up your inventory [323]

    [INFO] vPlayersOnline v1.3

    [INFO] Calendar v1.51 - Track the Days [271]

    [CHAT]MuteD v0.31 - Mute anoying players

    [MECH] BorderGuard v2.00 - Limit Your Map

    [FUN][CHAT] ServerBot V0.1 - It's like an IRC Bot for Minecraft! - [240+]

    [INFO/MISC] teclp v1.11 - live player updates for tectonicus [314+]

    [MECH] Growbie 1.0 - Grow Flowers with Bone Meal [144]

    [Mech] Bukkit of Blocks (aka Gimme My Blocks!)

    [INFO] interesting places 1.2: name areas in the world

    Minecraft Map (MM) (SMP player radar with optional map image)

    [SEC/MECH] PreciousStones v1.4.3 - Self-service protection (Permissions)

    [MECH][FUN] bFlight v0.2 - Makes your boats and minecarts fly! [303]

    [MECH] CreeperNerf v? - Disable Creeper Explosions

    [CHAT] dotFilter v1.00 - Stop those .typos

    [GEN] CraftEssence v0.9.3 - basic commands with mysql and Permissions support[231]

    [MECH] MessageTimer v1.2- Message Broadcaster [256]

    [FUN] Trivia v1.3 [159]

    [MECH] Skills v0.81

    [ECON] CodeRedEconomy v0.8.0 (RedStrype Econ) [320]

    [CHAT] SimpleColours v1.01

    [TP] SimpleWarp v1.61 uses hmod warps.txt, permissions, multiworld [302]

    [INFO] CheeseStats v0.01

    SignColours v0.1

    [ADMN] HotSwap: Enable, Disable, Reload, and Load Plugins On-the-Fly

    [MECH] Sponge v1.3 - Make sponges work again! with lava! [326+]

    [ADMN] AuthMe v0.2 (Another Offline Authorization plugin)

    [ADMN] PetitionPlugin v1.12 - Help ticket system

    [MECH] Elevators v1.2.3 [325+]

    [FUN] CaptureTheLapis - a CTF game - v0.1 alpha [218]

    [MECH] Protected Doors v0.1.7 - Protect Your Doors! Permissions, iConomy support![304+]

    [FUN] LandMine v0.1 - Create land mines quickly [232]

    [INFO]Deathify v0.61 - Get a message if somebody die[86]

    [TP] TravelPortals 1.2_1 - Multiworld support [287+]

    [ADMN] BukkitToDate v1.8.5 BETA - Keeps your server up-to-date! [168+]

    [MISC] HeroBounty v1.40 - Bounty Board / Hit List [238]


    [INFO] SearchIds v1.2 [254]

    MapMarkers v0.2

    [ADMN] Spawn List v0.5 - Item Whitelist/Blacklist (Permissions/Console Support!) [241+]

    [GEN] GiveIt V1.1 A "give" item plugin with more control, now has support for Permissions [201+]

    [SEC, FUN] Factions v1.0beta3 - Guilds, War and user-controlled antigrief [323]

    [MECH/FUN] RuneCaster v1.0- Draw Runes, Cast Spells (Not Runecraft!) [168]

    [ADMN] GuestBook v1.7a - A Diffrent Type of WhiteList

    [MECH] Tiredman v0.4.1 -Add fatigue when swim & the need to eat when mines, build, jump or walk[304]

    [TP] MultipleHomes - As many Homes as you wish. [326]

    [CHAT] NowPlaying v1.3 - plugin within chat [238]

    [INFO] Stats + Achievements for Bukkit [v0.3c]

    [INFO] Announcer 0.1

    [MECH] mcMMO v0.5.16 - RPG Elements and More! Permissions Support! [325]

    [INFO] MCDocs v5.1 ~ PERMISSIONS|Pages|MOTD|Variables|Custom Commands|On-The-Fly Updates|Colours

    [ECON]SignTrader 0.1 - the trading plugin! (200+)

    [MECH] bMobs v0.2 - Remove any monsters you don't want! [303]

    [MECH] iLDR V0.1 - Light Dependent Levers

    [MECH] KitPlugin v1.07 - Dispense kits to your players

    [ECON] BetterShop 1.3 - iConomy Global Command-based Shop [268]

    [ADMIN/SEC] iWatch v0.2 - Log/Block item usage - Prevent fire and greifing. [326]

    [SEC] SimpleProtect v? - [144-148+]

    [FUN/ADMN] VoidMage v2.0 - silly admin plugin [200+]

    [SEC] GriefAlertr 0.2 - Logs & Record Block Interaction [210+]

    RedeemCodes V2.6 Iconomy Support![271]
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    To clarify the first post, you can use "bukkit" in your package names as long as it is not on the second level. For instance, I use "com.runicsystems.bukkit" and that is fine. See here.
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    Rather bold statement there. Are you trying to get amateurs to quit?

    On a positive note, ALL of my plugins will work just fine. I switched over a while back.
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    EvilSeph Retired Staff

    Due to the nature of our resources (official or not) pointing people in the wrong direction, I am going to postpone the sealing of the namespace to allow for an update of the wiki article, tutorials and/or as many plugins as possible.
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    Auto reloader can be removed it has been updated by me =]
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    You should ask samkio to put annotations on his yt tutorials and threads alerting to this package problem, because many users use them as reference to create plugins =)
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    Probably a fair statement...I may have been a little on the grumpy side when i wrote that :)

    Original post amended
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    I am a little confused what do i need to change in my plugin?

    ok i changed pushblock to com.fripfrapps.komes.pushblock

    on my next update for redstone mech it will be changed.
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    The previous version of my plugin was using java binary serializaition to store data. I have moved away from this in my newest yet to be released version, yet I have included these classes for migration purposes. These classes wont deserialize unless their namespace stays as com.bukkit... at least for another version where I can remove these deprecated classes and move forward sans-serialization . Does anyone know of some sort of workaround whereby I can force these classes to deserialize into classes with a different namespaces?
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    Incidentally, I originally used the bukkit namespace as the tutorial thread said to:

    I'm sure this and the other threads from the resources section section of the forums is why the plugins use *.bukkit

    You could perhaps allow the use of *.bukkit.plugin.* for 3rd party plugins, or something?
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    The problem is it would create security issues and no real way to know what is official bukkit plugins. It's really a simple change so I doubt they will make any exceptions
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    A simple change that breaks all libraries and plugin dependencies. When I changed over, all 150 source files lit up red in eclipse... Fun times I tell you.
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    I just used the refactor function to rename the package as a whole...
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    That works inside your project, but it doesn't work outside of it. I have a project set up for each Minecart Mania plugin and there's like 5 of them.
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    Oh, I'd use "sed" then.
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    That's what I did. Still annoying.
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    While I understand the technical reasons behind this, it's still annoying to first be told to use the example plugin as a reference and then be told two months later that everything you did was wrong. Like, thanks for the heads-up... :-/
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