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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Blooguy, Jul 1, 2013.

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    Hey guys,

    Over the past few years I've run a couple of servers myself, both Bukkit and Tekkit. So I figured I'd offer my experience to you by creating servers for people.

    If you're interested I'll create the server files, install plugins, and help port-forward, just post below.

    P.S. - Due to my experience being exclusively with PC servers I will only be creating said servers (sorry Mac users)

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    Hey i already made a server but i just need plugins and i need to know how to use them all that. i dont know how this works but can u create a plugins folder, add alot of plugins, and do the programming or the stuff ur suppose to do to work the plugins like authme or groupmanager, oh and for groupmanager just normal Owner Co-owner Head Admin Administrator Head Mod Moderator and Helper, for donators -Vip-Donator-Mega Donator-Ultimate Donator-Legendary-Godly
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    Yup, just gimme a list of plugins you want, the names and colors for the ranks, and what kind of server it is (bukkit 1.52, tekkit 3.1.2 etc.)
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    This was posted in Bukkit Help - I would recommend posting it somewhere else in the forums to get more views. And good luck! :)
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    Hey, I have a server rented already and I need help with a lot of things, but the main thing is setting up a free for all pvp arena.

    I have already marked the various spawnpoints in the arena so it should be fairly easy to setup for you.
    I would want it so a player can click on a sign and instantly join the arena with a predefined set of items/gear. After they die, they will be teleported to another random spot in the arena. If they want to stop, they can click a sign to be teleported back to the spawn or they can use a command to leave.
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