[IDEA/SUGGESTION] ClientBukket - a client mod/framework to allow client side mods and such.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by CoreDave, Mar 11, 2011.

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    So I'm fairly new to Minecraft and one of the things that strikes me is how much more can be done and has been done to improve and add to the single player game. I understand there are issues that make multiplayer content harder to do but still I think the main problem stems from the need to have client mods installed which puts off some players and server admins don't want to reduce their available player base.

    However the possibilities inherent if a simple easy to use solution could be found really are limitless.

    The solution in my mind world be for a single client side mod/framework designed to integrate with Bukkit servers.

    Basically the idea would be to have a single "client mod" or perhaps launcher called for example ClientBukkit which would then talk to bukkit servers and automatically download any required content and add it to the client. In addition a bukkit like framework should be provided for client mod development. My admittedly limited understanding would be that this would allow new block types, creatures, items, graphics, ui, etc none of which I understand is really possible currently.

    Sadly this is all well beyond my abilities/available time right now so I simply post this in the hope that some of you amazing bukkit coders might think it a good idea and make it a reality, assuming that there isn't something fundamental in the way Minecraft/java works that wouldn't make this impossible.

    Of course I don't mean to belittle the incredible work and server mods that do fantastic things already to improve and enhance the minecraft multiplayer experience I just can't help but feel a little sad when I see what I could be enjoying if I was to play Minecraft solo instead of with friends (which I really don't want to do as I enjoy the social dynamic much more at the end of the day)
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    EvilSeph Retired Staff

    Mojang are against client sided mods. As such, such a thing is outside of the scope of the Bukkit project I'm afraid.
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    Ahh... well thats a shame :(

    I understand the desire not to "bite the hand that feeds you" so to speak, but I do wonder at the logic from their point of view. Still I will just have to hope that either this capability gets added officially or from a less honest and upstanding group than the Bukkit team ;)
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    Thread necromancy usually bad. Also, the idea is being worked on with spout.
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    Spout ftw? Thats...kinda it
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    haslegs has been bringing back the dead...
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