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    More REALISTIC Minecraft

    Well i didn't know where else to post this... But here is my Idea.

    Ever wanted to know what Minecraft would be like if it was more REAL and more Hardcore than what the current plugins gave you? Well i have.

    • No name show at all
    • Arrows can take out glass, torches, etc.
    • Arrows has chance to break when shot at the ground [AKA cant pick it up]
    • Apocalypses in which mob Damage and Health would be Increased
    • Hunger
    • Bathroom needs
    • Can get tired of stuff [Like mining and other stuff... When tired you could take damage, or not get the Ore/Item wanted. Would also be in combat! If u fight for too long, u might hit less]
    • Punching stuff has a chance to hurt you. [Increasing gradually]
    • Cant just craft items... You need the tools to do it! [In real life u cant make tree pieces into neat looking floor wood...]
    • Wolfs have a chance to be Hostile when near them.
    • Animal Families? [Maybe]
    • General Realisticness.
    Things Needed:
    • Coder/Coders
    • Artists
    • Real life survivalist? <-- LOL.
    We could even form a group :p I'm only an Idea maker... i cant code or draw.

    It would obviously use Spout! <-- Spout = More options :)
    I want this mod for Multiplayer :)

    August 13th Update:

    Chest Ideas:
    • Locking chests would be real, but would require a key. You can only have 1 key for all chests. Therefor you lock your chest from other people, but if they kill you... You lost your key and the power of Opening the chest. If the key is left in the chest, the chest would lock. [It would autodestroy with all items, because in Real life, you cant get it back.] I realize this chest locking idea does have some bugs and flaws.. Like:
      'In real life you can get a blacksmith to make you another key! So autodestroy would be a bad addition!"
      Well, a molding/recreation of a key could be possibly made.
    Other things can be sorted out between the Developer, or Developers, and me. I would like at least 1% Credit for the Idea! :) Please tell me if you use, or like this Idea.

    August 14th Update:
    A Developer has volunteered. Name "Feildmaster". Thank you :)

    MRM Development Team:
    • Fieldmaster
    • NeatMonster
    • Banana937
    • mindless728
    • Banana937
    • Toys
    • BioRage
    Current mods we would like to add:
    Please Support Us: :D
    Team Banners:

    Support Banners:

  2. Alright then... let me re-post my other thread....
    And if I think about it enough... I will code about half of it before I even realize it.
    Just a heads up. (But I'm lazy. Don't expect too much from me)

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    ok, aslong as you help :) im happy with this.

    Come on still need Artist and if able, another Developer too :)

    Bump, i want this awknoladged. Sorry, but i REALLY want some people to try this plugin Idea

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  4. 1- Why do you need an artist?
    2- Don't bump in here. People do read even without the bumps.
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    1: Well, if we need new items, well it could be good to have an artist.
    2: Ok, so this IS better than MC Forums.
  6. If you need new items, you'll need a client moder. =P
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    Well, you are a coder. Hopefully a server Plugin Dev. This is ment to use Spout & SpoutCraft client, because i thought it would need new items like "Broken Stick, Stone Hammer, Fire(With Logs)", Etc. I wanted to have every step possible for REALITY. If you can't do it, thank you for your support :) Hopefully you can, because i favor the first to come and help :) Thanks Fieldmaster
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    Hello i like this idea amd with the items thing you might not need to make a client mod i have seen new items made before what the guu did was make a block that used a texture that was already there and if this is the case then make it if they domt use spoutcraft then it ises a gold shovel for the item and if they do have spoutcraft then it sends a custom texturepack with the key texture and if im wrong please tell me
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    Thanks for the idea Chubbz, and thanks for liking it :) I appreciate it. But the thing is i want to keep all normal minecraft blocks and items, while adding new Items and Textures. Im not a developer, so i wouldnt know... but my guess is that it would need Spout and the SpoutCraft Launcher. I might make a Banner for people that like this idea :)
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    Well, no feed backs lately D:
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    these are all very good ideas im learning to code and make pluggins right now after i learn if you still want devs ill help
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    Yes, i would love you to help when you can :D
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    @BioRage that would be a great addition to the hardcore plugin! Nice find :)
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    I'm not too familiar with the Spout API, but given a little time to look at it, I could probably help.
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    The "Newer" and "more" we can give user's the merrier ^.^
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    Also the inability to hold what? 64x36=2304 Stone blocks but only 36 bread?
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    You are welcomed to join us, instead of make a new mod your self. :)

    Yes, please join once you think you can :) I think 2 is better than 1. The more the better :)

    Im Going to be making Banners/Sigs/Userbars stuff for support :) Ill probably make one for Possitions in the group. Like "MRM Developer" Etc. :D Hopefully you would like to stay.

    The point of this mod is to be real. If you want, join and help out :)
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    I'm fairly good at Photoshop. I could do this too.
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    Interesting idea. I'm just starting with plugin development, so I won't sign up quite yet; however, here's a few thoughts:

    - Spout doesn't yet allow for new items/blocks. Unless you plan on creating a client mod (something which I am not against, but it does complicate things for the players), you may want to wait on the new items.

    - Animal families might be tough atm. However, if Spout supports new entities in a few months, that would easily fix most issues. :)

    Otherwise, great ideas. Definitely something I would use on my server. If I happen to code anything along those lines, I'll let you know. ;)
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    Ok :) Nice to have people joining :)

    Activat0r, the MRM Team will be waiting haha :) Thanks
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    how about more realistic fluids (kind of a pet project for me), you could add that to the list

    though i like the idea of a more realistic minecraft, just don't have the time to code everything

    also to any dev picking up some of this, pleas make a lot of these ideas separate plugins and we could make a suite of them, makes it easy to customize what server owners want
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    Good point. I'll see if I can't throw a name hiding plugin together... that should be no problem. Any particular features you want, Toys?

    (guess I'll be an unofficial MRM dev for now :p)
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    You've not answered my question.
    Edit: More questions:
    So, you're the leader, what's your job? Expose your ideas and wait for the developers to do them.
    You've removed your main server, it was hosted on a VPS no? Personally I've got a 24GB RAM dedicated server in the best French hoster, OVH.
    Have you got any code for the moment? Or just the ideas?
    Who is really in your team to code? Not people who aren't sure.

    If you want me to join your team, show me it's not just a temporary project. I would like to work on this project, but with a real development team.

    Amicably, NeatMonster.
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    GREAT idea. I also think that coding everything in seperate sections would help server owners, but wouldnt that make it need a Core or something to hold them?

    Name hiding would be awesome :) how about a plugin that makes arrows take off torches, break glass, stuff like that :) Unofficial, nah. Even if you are starting you can learn by group work :) You aren't unofficial :D

    Everything helps Bio, so yes, Idealist would be your position in the team? Like me :D

    OK. Sure, i wont be "Leader" although i only made that because i started the idea. But ill be Idealist with Bio, and probably help Banana937 with some banners etc. This is going to be a long project, and i'm sure it wont be closed down. I truly hope all of you can stay and we could be a team. The server is hosted on a VPS, but it wasn't mine. I'm getting my own VPS with 4GB RAM. I'm glad you have that 24GB Dedi, but we don't all have the money to get one of those. This is a project that will go on. And everyone counts NeatMonster, i would like you to consider joining, but i wont force you.
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    some things that are related would need a core just so they can work together correctly, but the more realistic minecraft could be just a suite of plugins that if the server owners wants he can choose from, as for the RealFluids, this is something i have been working on since February and it is still a WIP as its hard to get it to work well on a live server
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    You should ask for help from other Developers :) There is allways a way :D
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    Ok. But can we start now? If ok I'll start by publishing start code on GitHub, then others developers could add functions to the plugin. Are you okay with that? I can host things if you want on my dedicated server.
    Edit: I'll start a private conversation with all the members of the team.
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