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    Hello, I have an idea for a PVP RPG server. It allows 4 kingdoms in the land of Minecraft that people can join. Here are the ideas:

    In the config file you can create the names of the kingdoms that people join. Each kingdom has its own chat. Decide which classes available fit you best and join that kingdom and expand your kingdoms power!

    The kingdom has an economy of its own, kind of like a mini world inside a bigger world. The Economy does well if: the citizens are making money and claiming and conquering land.
    The king can decide the % of money earned goes to the kingdom. The king can promote members, i.e <name> is promoted to general he can now conquer land. Etc.. He can also create laws specific to the kingdom? If the king is killed by: mobs, players (enemy and friendly), falling, drowning etc… the king will no longer be king. The king must have an heir to the throne for when he dies. /heir <player> is the command to choose an heir. The heir will gain all the power of the previous king. The king can also be evicted from the throne if he is not on for (configurable) amount of days.

    Claiming- find an area that has not been claimed by a kingdom and do /claim. There are 3 different claim sizes (configurable) i.e 15x15 25x25 or 50x50. Each of these sizes cost money from the kingdom bank. (configurable)
    Conquering- If a general+ rank walks into enemy territory it will say <plaer> has wondered into <city> owned by <kingdom>. The General can do /conquer <city>. This will send that kingdom’s king a message saying: <Player> of Kingdom <name> has contested your city of <name> the battle for <city> will begin in 24 hours. It will start to count down to the battle. The king can choose who he wants in the battle up to 15 players per team. The teams will be tp to a multiworld world and they will fight until one team is completely dead. If the conquerors win they get the city. If the defenders win they keep their city.
    Each kingdom has its own Heroes classes. You can put up to say 7 hero classes per kingdom. This plugin can use normal Hero classes or Wolfcraft custom hero classes. In the config file you can choose which classes go with which kingdom.
    The king can promote players within the kingdom. The ranks are costumizable within the config file. A certain rank and above are able to claim/conquer in the name of the kingdom.

    /kingd join <name> join kingdom
    /tax <%> % of money that goes to the kingdom from indv. sales
    /heir chooses the king’s heir
    /promote <player> <rank> promotes a player to a rank
    /kchat kingdom chat
    /safezone if you are in danger you can use this command and be tp to the nearest territory that you kingdom owns. REQ cooldown (configurable)
    /claim <block x block value> Claim an area of land
    /conquer <city> conquer an enemy territory.
    /conq choose <player> Choose players for a conquering war.
    /city create <name> Creates a city/town in your kingdoms honor.


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