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    I know there was a set up for hey0 that used iconomy and sign post's to create a sort of shop system,
    but would anyone be able to make craftable shop units? or somthing of the sort.

    For example you craft the shop block, then put in the item you want it to sell for example you put a iron pick axe and that shop block becomes a iron pick axe selling point.?

    If posible the server sells the item to you, as this would allow you to build one shop that sells multipul items, also it would be good if oyu could sell items or blocks to make money to buy stuff from the shop.

    Peoples ideas/? and Development intrests :) please.. thankyou!
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    im pretty sure this is in the works but nothing like what you said every thing will be done with /shop commands and you will need to be inside a shop zone. shop owners will be able to add and remove items to the shop via chat commands change prices and sell/buy using bundles. in all its a very good system the hardest part is teaching the players how to use it. thats where a plugin like help pages comes in and a nice big message telling the players to read it or miss out.
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    Iknow but craftbook 2.0 offers an item dispencer could this not be modified into a so called "Shop Block" ?

    and also a similar process to sell items? Such as "sign comands plugin" that could be used to sell items upon click of a sign, but it would be nicer if the two could be developed into "Shop Blocks" ;)

    lol .. i dont know just seams overly complex having 1million commands when all i want to do is have fun and play the game smoothly and seamlessly.

    comments? ..
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    Im not EXACTLY sure but im pretty sure that you cant add a sprite to the .jar file without making everyone else download it for it to show up on their screen, as it isnt in the minecraft.jar file of everything else. You also would have to go through a ton of coding to get it to work right.

    In any case it seems to me having a specific block to do this seems really unnecessary, and I really cant think of a reason why you would need one to do it.

    Maybe designating a block that people could right click on and see a list of items to be sold, I dont really know but that seems easier then coding an entirely new block.

    I know you can do something like this with the NPC plugin, where they "sell" stuff to you in return for another item, but having iconomy integration would be great, and the way NPC shows you the list of items is very hard to figure out especially if your a n00b to the server.
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    Yeah i know what you mean ! a simple menu , with a way to buy and sell would be so more simple.

    I think the clicking an block to open up the menu is a very good idea :)

    Like you could type in /setshop [name]

    Then you dont have to set up the items you want to sell/buy because there already set in the settings file/ permissiosn file on the server.

    Any ideas? . also anyone wanting to take this up :p :)

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