iConomy Setup How To?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Jdragon, Feb 27, 2011.

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    Hello there :D
    If you don't already know, iconomy is a money simulator plugin for the bukkit server console. I decided to give it a little test run because I am setting up a rpg server.
    The only problem is, I can not get it to work. I have looked all over for a tutorial on how to set it up but could not find one. On the mandatory requirements for it you must have MySQL which I have no idea what it is :/
    I am hoping for a detailed description on how to set it up, I do not need to know how to use it just how to get it to work.

    Your help is greatly appreciated, if I get it to work without any issues I will create a video tutorial. :)
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    I am having this same problem... Been trying to figure it out all day.
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    I am going to be attempting to set up MySQL with iConomy for my server. If I find out what you need to do, Ill post it here.
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    Okay, I have found out how to set it up for MySQL.

    Your Config file should look like this

    Type: MySQL
    Name: <Database Name> #I use the default mysql database, so mine would just be mysql
    Table: iConomy
    Username: root
    Password: <MySQL Password>
    Hostname: Localhost
    Port: 3306

    As you can see, it isn't really that hard. By the way, tell me if you still have trouble because you may need to get a mysql connector(It is just a file).
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    Ok so do you have a link for the MySQL thing? and do you put it in plugins?
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    You don't HAVE to have MySQL. You can just as easily use SQLite, or even flatfile (I'm not sure if that last one is currently an option with iConomy 4)
    For MySQL, you have to have access to it. Some hosts provide it for free, others let you install it if you want, while others might not allow it at all. You can, however, run it on a separate host from your minecraft host. The details of all this are found elsewhere. All I can say is that it's actually a lot easier than it sounds, once you determine what your needs are
    Here is the connector.
    The SQLite option might be better in some situations. All you need is this.
    In either case, you will put the .jar somewhere in your folders. Where seems to be entirely up to the plugins that use it, and might be as many as 3 different places. For iConomy, I believe you put it in the same folder as your server.properties file. Where you do NOT put it is in the plugin folder, since then bukkit will try to load it as a regular plugin and fail.
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    Ok so I downloaded the SQLite and put it into the same folder as the server.properties. Should it create a new config file when I run the run.bat file for bukkit? And what exactly is the SQLite java file and what does it actualy do?
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    If you're running iConomy 4.1, it should create a config file if one doesn't exist. Stop your server, edit that file, and restart.
    The SQLite.jar is basically a program that your aps can send SQL commands to and have some of the benefits of mysql, without having to run another server process. It's not as good as mysql, but it's better than nothing.
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    Ok thanks to you I set it up like so:
    I put the SQLite into the server properties and I am running iconomy 4.1
    HOWEVER: I am getting this problem where I can only use the /money ? command and no other commands such as /money rank or anything else.

    I dont know if this is a config problem or is there something wrong with the build of iConomy
    I made sure that I set up the permissions file properly with the '*' to admins for all comands

    Thanks again and your further help is appreciated
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