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    "Gimme all your money!"

    Would it be possible to make a plugin that takes X amount or Y percent from a killed player, and gives it to the attacker?
    Much like the plugin @halvors made: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/fu...e-money-from-players-when-they-die-617.10131/

    I don't think this would be very hard (although I am a nut at javascript).
    Just add something like this to the iConomyDeath plugin:
    if (DeathReason == player)
    #take x amount of coins
    #give to attacker (player)
    And if someone has extra time, make the plugin log the last human attacker for each player since their last death, then if the player suicides, the attacker won't be unrewarded.

    This plugin would make my server complete <3

    Okay :(

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    Perhaps you can get him to add that? Features are shiny! Plus he already has all his base code.
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    Could implement it, but thinking avout make this a own plugin, iConomyPvP or something.

    What do you think?
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    Take a look at my plugin PvPReward
    It has lots of features and can allow giving x amount or y percent. I think you'll find that it exceeds your request.
    It was a little more difficult than that =P
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    Yes, try Codisimus's plugin :) I can implement it, but no need if you can use PvPReward :)
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    Thank you, it's all I ever wanted.
    Does it count if you attack someone and they run into a spider as well?
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    right now it counts as you killing them if they die within 1 second of you hitting them. I am adding an option in the config to allow a longer time span

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