I need a simpe tax plugin ASAP

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    Hello fellows! I own a fairly popular minecraft server and even though i've tried in various ways to prevent players to become extremely rich some of them still manage to get there.

    That is a big problem since they ruin the whole economy by being so rich, and they have no reason for continue playing when they are so rich and can buy and do whatever they want.

    Therefore I would need:
    A simple plugin that I can configurate to every day, week or month (time should be editable) take either a fixed amount of every players total money or a percent based on how much money they have. For example, a rich person would obviously pay more than a poor one if the tax was set to 5%.

    An announcement should go out every time the tax is drawn and the player should be informed how much money they lost and paid in tax.

    I also want it to be possible to view the total amount of money collected from tax by typing a simple command, for example /taxes total.

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    Please get in touch with me by replying to this thread or email me at [email protected].
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    How about they only get taxed if they don't go on the server :3

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