I need a bit of plugin development help!

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by xXRobbie21Xx, May 4, 2014.

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    Hey guys, i am attempting to make a plugin and im getting an error.
    First here is my code:
    public void toggle(PlayerInteractEvent event){
    Player player = event.getPlayer();

    if(player.getInventory().getItemInhand().getItemMeta().getDisplayName() == "MobWand"){
    if(event.getAction() == Action.RIGHT_CLICK_AIR || event.getAction() == Action.RIGHT_CLICK_BLOCK){
    Player p = event.getPlayer();
    Snowball snowball = p.getWorld().spawn(p.getEyeLocation(), Snowball.class);
    This code is suppose to allow a player to shoot a snowball if they interact with an item called "mobwand" in there inventory.

    Everything works untill you move the item (mobwand) elseware in the inventory.
    For example, i type a command to recieve the item and it works if i click it when it is in the slot that it apears in but the second i move it over a few slots it will stop shooting snowballs!

    I understand this is random and specific but if there is anyone out there that can help a noob out i would greatly appreciate it! Thanks in advance!
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    Well, for one, you're creating two "player" variables that have the same data.You should rename "player" to "p" and delete "Player p = event.getPlayer();"

    Secondly, with Java, you always compare Strings using methods, not primitive boolean/bit comparisons. So, instead of "player.getItemInHand().getItemMeta().getDisplayName() == "MobWand"", try "player.getItemInHand().getItemMeta().getDisplayName().contains("MobWand")", although could could also replace ".contains()" with ".equalsIgnoreCase()", which I recommend.

    I suppose I could help you here and there, all's you need to do is send me a message on Bukkit here and there.

    Edit: Sorry about that really messed up post, Bukkit loves messing with me in terms of text formatting.
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    Hey thanks so much you really helped me out!! I truly appreciate the fact that you put time into replying to my post!

    And sure that would be great, it would be nice to have someone there for me when i get stuck in these situations :p
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