I have a big problem, I want my world to be protected!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Fruitkiller_fr, Nov 27, 2011.

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    I need my world to be protected of griefing people.. I want a plugin that the blocks cant be broken on the tutorial map and on some castles I did. please help =/
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    Yes I did but, idk how this work .. too confused..
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    To protect the region, select the two opposite regions with a wooden axe (left and right click)
    then type the following commands:

    //expand vert
    expands the region from bedrock to sky limit
    /region define [regionname] [yourname]
    Now only you will be able to build in it.
    You must include your name.

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    Okay but I dont get the wooden axe and the left and right click blabla can you explain more bro :( please <3
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    In order to get the world guard wand, type in //wand.

    You need to select to opposite corners (a square) of the entire region

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    I need to know how to put the plugin into my server and w.e Do I need to use WorldEdit ?
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    You can also install WorldEdit but only WorldGuard is necessary.
    You need to download it and put it into your plugins folder, then start up the server.
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    Very helpful but How do I put the worldguard in my plugin server, everything im trying to open my server, worldguard is not reconimized.
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    After downloading WorldGuard, open it and remove the WorldGuard.jar file. Place the .jar file into the plugins folder.
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    I did and the server doesnt reconomizee it.

    when I type //wand tool nothing happen ..

    So what should I do ?

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