I can't find my ip

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What should I do

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  1. Try and fix the crashing problem

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  2. Forget about hosting a server

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  3. Other

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    I can't find out my bukkit server IP.Minecraft doesn't work on my computer. It crashes. I've never been on the title screen. I can't tell my friends the ip. I really want to find out the ip.
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    jorisk, it has my ip address. Not my bukkit server ip address
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    Even Google will tell you if you search for "What's my IP".
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    1. Minecraft crashes: I would recommend first uninstalling java (on windows 7: start -> control panel -> programs and features -> select java -> uninstall/remove). Then install the newest version of java from java.com. After that remove the .minecraft folder from: c:\users\<username>\appdata\ That way next time you run minecraft it will redownload the game files.

    2. Suggestions above are good for finding your IP. Also if you are going to need to set up port forwarding, in your router status page you should see a WAN IP address or Internet IP address... that is the same address these other services will find.
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    If you're hosting the server, your IP is the server's IP, too.
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    I figured it out. My brother got minecraft working. Thanks for all the suggestions guys
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    I have been looking for this product/service and I found this one find my ip I am not sure about the quality or the origin of their offering. Has anyone have looked into this before? If you have any other options you know are worth the time to check out, please post them here. Thanks!
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    You can try at this site IP-Details.com here you will get more information for your ip...

    i will help

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