I am coding a custom economy plugin

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by cfil360, Dec 30, 2013.

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    I am currently developing a custom economy plugin and i wanted to get some feedback from the community. I want to know what kind of features you guys want and any things that you like from other economy plugins.

    Sorry if this is the wrong section.
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    Well, Here is a suggestion!
    • What's different about the plugin that will make it unique?
    • What Extra Options will it have compared to BOSEconomy or iConomy? or even EssentialsEco!
    • Give it a Catchy Name! Conomy+ is a good one :p
    • Will it be updated often enough and will you be active enought to help others if they want it?
    Some of these may have been a bit off topic from what you wanted but they are useful so i decided to throw them in there ^^
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    It needs to do something no other economy plugin does, which isn't much. Maybe more stats info and logging, some current eco plugins lack that.
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    Sorry to post this so late, but I've really been wanting something out of a Vault-compatible economy plugin for a while. I saw that MassiveCraft's new economy plugin has very extensive tracking, for example the percent your balance is of the whole economy, how much money everyone on the whole server has combined, that sort of stuff. It is very useful to prevent inflation and other economy issues.
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    Haha Sorry for bringing up a dead thread but could not resist :)
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