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HunterCraft - The new Hungergames?

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  1. [​IMG]

    Currently in the Closed Alpha!

    About Huntercraft

    Huntercraft is a Role-Play Plugin developed by Mineplace. Inspired of the new Crysis 3 "Hunter Mode" it includes two teams fighting each other. On one side there is a team of two people called "The Hunters". On the other side there are 14 Soldiers, which "stranded" on a lonely part of the City. The Soldiers are well equipped and they are trying to kill the Hunter, which have to abillity to get nearly invisible. If a "Soldier" dies he'll become a "Hunter".

    • Join a game, and become randomly assigned to a team
    • Play as "Soldier" or "Hunter", and try to beat down your Opponents
    • Custom Map
    • Offical public server

    • Release the Beta-Build

    More Information

    If you want to help us developing the mod, we are looking for testers sponsors and donators.
    If you want to help mapping feel free to contact us!.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Seems Awesome
  3. Lol thanks for stealing this. We are already in full development.
    If you don't believe me.
    And yes that is the suggestion thread I started along time ago. Look at the name. Look at everything. Completely stolen. Do you even know who the soldiers are? There called Cell Troopers.
    This has been in development for a long time. We are just about to release it.
    Also I doubt this is in closed Beta. To little info.
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    This isnt really stealing, there are a good number of hunger games plugins out there, yet people dont say those are stolen even though they are based off of a movie. This is based off of a game, just like hunger games so imo this isnt stealing at all. Plus your not the developer so it shouldnt matter to you.
  5. Keyword here is "Isnt really"
    Also I'm not to mad about the Idea as it was bound to happen eventually what I am mad about is the name. They couldn't even think of their own name. They just took ours and added "TheUltimateBattle" to the end of it. They could of atleast thought of their own name
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    Your an idiot and that thread has like 5 posts on it, the chances of him seeing it are extremely low. Its a coincidence, your not even making it so why the hell do you care so much? Im sure that your 5 players wont be to worried about a few other servers using similar plugins.
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    Jacob Turner
    You seem to be an id**t, the only thing you did was making a plugin request. First off: you "stole" that idea from a game, so wow, you're not that original either. Secondly, if you post something in that plugin requests topic, it's public, and you can't have some sort of stupid copyright on it. Also, I strongly doubt they've stolen it from you, it's way more likely they were simply inspired by the game (.. weren't you too? Oh yes, you were, you stole the idea! Ooh! Thief! Bad girl!). Then, you're saying the people working on the project are some kind of idiots, because they're giving too little information and they can't be in closed beta. Well, can you even develop? You started a topic requesting this plugin; you can't even code yourself. Also, you're probably not very familiar with the Bukkit community, because the people working on this (Fireblast709 and others) are some very skilled (and helpful) Bukkit members.

    "Never underestimate the stupidity of idiots" ... I like your avatar.
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  8. Like I said before. Not to mad about the idea it was bound to happen eventually. mad about the name. Also it was a request. Keyword there "was" read the comments bud. We have 3 developers working on it already.

    Like I said before. Not to mad about the idea it was bound to happen eventually. mad about the name. Also it was a request. Keyword there "was" read the comments bud. We have 3 developers working on it already.

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    Like I said, your thread has about 5 posts on it, the chances of him seeing it and copying it are extremely low. Its not your plugin, so gtfo.
  10. Theres plenty more than 5 post. So excuse me if I will not gtfo. :)
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    Its a plugin request forum, its all public. Nothing was stolen so relax kid.
  12. Im not the one whos mad lol. Your making a huge deal about thuis
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    You sounded mad here. This is turning into a flame war, im leaving now.
  14. kk
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    Dude guys Im already making this and you can't copy the name
  16. Dude Inventorman! Our Team of Developers started this Developing long Time ago. We have a DevBukkitPage, and are officially supported by the Crysis 3 and EA Team! I don't think that they would promote us, when we had stolen the Idea. It was our Idea. Maybe you have the same, but we are already in Alpha Test and so on^^ Have fun, trying to beat us
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    Please shut the fuck up and get over yourself. You didn't even create the gamemode. You are technically 'stealing' from crisis 3. Welcome to bukkit and get the fuck over yourself, ideas are not made but found here. Copies of servers happen ALL the time.

    There is no COPYING. This plugin is allowed and is his own code. Get over your stupid ass self.
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    Guys I'm pretty sure Jacob Turner and Fireblast made this plugin:

    A) There's was released earleir
    B) There plugin has exactly the same Image
    C) It's almost the exact same description xD

    Have fun arguing
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    You mean just how you stole the idea from Crysis? And how Crysis stole the idea from the mod "Hunted Source"?
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    He hardly stole it from Crysis. That's like saying everyone whos ever made a tv stole it from the man who invented the tv. He just adapted it into a thing for minecraft. Nothing wrong with that.
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    I am developing this mainly, with the help of HerleX

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