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    Plugin category: Fun.

    Suggested name: HungryGames

    What I want: To me, Generic Survival Games is getting boring. I feel it needs some spicing up.

    This is where Hungry Games comes in. Hungry Games is a plugin to increase the amount of ways a game can go. Hungry Games should be able to offer mutliple 'Modifiers' to the end game, instead of just a time victory, or a deathmatch.

    • Chests should automatically be filled via a configurable tiered system.
    • If a player disconnects for whatever reason, they have 30 seconds to return, otherwise they are permanently out. PvP logging is an instant removal however.
    • A kit system would be needed too. Players are given a chest item before the game starts to choose a kit class. Kits should be able to be created via a config system. Personally, I would like the config to look like this:
    <KitName> (This is the name of kit)
    KitIconID: (This is the icon shown in the GUI which shows what class it is)
    KitItemIDs: (These are the items are given to the player on selection of the kit when the game starts)

    • Voting for maps. Maps would be kept inside a special folder created by the plugin on first launch. The map name will be the name of the map folder name.
    • Arenas will be created via a world edit region, a second region for the lobby, and a third region for the deathmatch borders.
    • Lightning strikes on a player death.
    • Custom death messages via config.
    • Economy support - Killing a player earns 5 points. Player points could be kept in either a .YML file, or MySQL.
    • Using the ingame points, you could be able to buy items from the ingame shops. To open an ingame shop, a gui will appear via stepping on an iron pressure plate. Items should be kept in a config file.
    • Any ender chests inside the maps are considered elite chests. These chests will spawn tier 3 and 4 items inside them only.
    • The main addition to Hungry Games is our modifier system:
    But what're these 'modifiers'?

    Modifiers is a unique way of choosing the way a game will end. After every 20 minutes, or 8 players remain, the game randomly chooses one of the following modifiers:

    • Famine - Every food item in chests are wiped. All the food that is left is in players inventories. Hunger will start to drop extremely fast. Players will literally start dropping like flies!
    • Deathmatch - This is your normal deathmatch, players are teleported to the spawn again to fight it out. If a player tries to run away, a warning shall appear. If after 10 seconds, if a player continues to run, they will start to take damage, until they die.
    • Hounds - Angry wolves will spawn around the map randomly nearby players, once the dogs pickup the 'scent' of players (In reach, so they can see them) they will start chasing down the player
    • Disease - Players will start to receive negative potion effects, these effects should be listed in a config.
    • Crippled - Players instantly drop down to 2 hearts, they can not regenerate any health as food, and healing / regenerative potions will have no affect on the player.
    • Weak Armour - All armor is instantly destroyed, armor in chests and inventories is wiped. Players can not put on any armor.
    • Stronger weapons - All weapons, from swords to bows are replaced with a diamond sword.
    • Evil beasts - 5 Ghasts will spawn around the world.
    • Inferno - A fire starts at the cornucopia, quickly spreading around the world burning any players to death it touches. Should also spawn random lava blocks around the map too.
    • Apocalypse - A group of 100 zombies spawns at the cornucopia, these zombies are spawned with fire protection to stop sunlight damage, eating any players brains who come near them.
    • Food poisoning - Any food eaten can give poison to the player for a random amount of seconds between 1 and 15. Raw food has a higher chance of doing this than cooked food. To make it so players have to eat more food, players are given the negative effect hunger for 5 minutes.
    • If more than 1 person manages to survive for 60 minutes, the player with the most kills wins. If both players have the same amount of kills, then it is a stalemate. Please note that a modifier is chosen every 20 minutes, not just once after 20 minutes.
    Ideas for commands:
    1. /hg - Main command tells the version and the author.
    2. /hg help - Lists all commands
    3. /hg createarena <ArenaName> - Uses Worldedit regions.
    4. /hg setlobby - Uses a second region to define the lobby.
    5. /hg createdeathmatch <ArenaName> - Uses a world edit region to create a deathmatch area.
    6. /hg team <Playername> - Makes a broadcast to say they are a team.
    7. /hg createdmpod - Sets the spawn for a deathmatch podium.
    8. /hg setpodium - Creates the spawn for a podium.
    9. /hg tp - Teleports ingame players with this command.
    10. /hg forcestart - Force starts a game.
    11. /hg vote <1, 2, 3> votes for a map. Maps should be kept in a folder via FTP.
    12. /hg spectate <ArenaName> - Spectate a game.
    13. /hg leave - Leave a game, leaves a game automatically if you disconnect
    (Sorry sbout the extra number, I copied it from pastebin.)
    Ideas for permissions:

    hungrygames.player.user - Ability to join, vote and leave an arena.

    hungrygames.player.mod - Ability to force start an arena and to teleport players. This node should also have all the permissions hungrygames.player.user too.

    hungrygames.player.admin - Ability to create, delete, and do any command related to the This node should also have all the permissions hungrygames.player.mod t00

    When I'd like it by:
    Anytime in the following weeks would be great.
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    Interesting proposal.
  3. that would be a good plugin to make, but i cant make it im not good at making these types of plugins sorry
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    That is a MASSIVE request. I doubt someone will make it.
    Although, as others have said, it's interesting so if someone was passionate about it they may devote the hours and days it will take to make this plugin.
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    This is actually one of the better Hunger Games requests i've seen. I'll see if I can get a prexistng HG plugin to hook into and modify. No promises though.

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