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    Ok, I'm jealous of because of their awesome hungergames plugin
    So i was wondering if anyone would make one for me with kits and other stuff.
    Please Respond And I Have Skype That I Will Work With You Because I have NO Experience Of Programming. also if the sever is full then it starts in one min

    plugin.feasttime (sets how long the feast is after the game starts)
    maybe tnt falling after a certain amount of time plugin.tnt

    Also maybe with tagapi it would work

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    I know of that plugin but it doesn't have these features
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    I dont think anyone is going to recreate a Hunger Games plugin just for this go ask the developers of other plugins to add it instead!
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    There already are a lot of hunger games plugins out there. Small chance someone's going to make one just for you, with exactly the features you want. Running a (Bukkit/Minecraft) server isn't just plopping a file in somewhere and clicking a batch file. You need to do some research and plugin-compilations of yourself if you want to make something awesome.
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    Hg is a very big plugin, not many people would risk their time to make something like that.
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    Hey. I got the Survival Games plugin on my server, but only the OPs can use it? When the players try to use it, it says "No permission". Whay can I do? Please help!
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