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    Plugin category: Not suure

    Suggested name: HungerGames

    A bit about me: I am a server owner who is inlove with the hunger games series

    What I want: The server owner would have to create an arena (max 3 at one time) and use a mixture of world edit and the plugin to mark the boundaries, players would use a command to get into the waiting room and when the player limit reaches 24, a message would appear saying 3 seconds before teleportation (If game already in progress then wait till its finished) . Each person would be teleported into a different spot all around the center of the map (customizable) where they must stand for 1 minute with no movement, if the move they are killed ( or just disable movement) . 5 seconds to go messages would appear 5,4,3,2,1 go! PVP for that world would be enabled and the players would no longer be killed on movement and could begin to play the hunger games. A border of 500 to -500 would be in place. When 12 players are left A message will appear saying the cornucopia has been refilled ( possible items placed or chest refilled by plugin?) And the boundary would shrink to 250 to -250, When 4 people remain the boundary would set to 100 to -100 untill the last player standing. The games would end and winner displayed via chat, the plugin will kick the player out of the games and back to the /spawn.

    - death in the arena means kick to /spawn
    -As players are killed mobs will spawn in certian areas (unsure)
    -Arena reset from player damage

    ( i may have missed somethings so i will keep an eye out)

    Ideas for commands:

    /HG join
    /HG leave
    /HG setarena

    Ideas for permissions:

    When I'd like it by: No time

    Similar plugin requests: Not sure

    Devs who might be interested in this: TheYeti

    P.S - I know this will be a hard plugin to make but i am willing to pay if this plugin is made correctly and the creator keeps it active :D
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    I was thinking about making this, but it's kinda already possible with a mixture of plugins.

    But i'm gonna follow this thread.
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    Ya im in love with the Hunger Games too and this would be awesome if someone could/would pull it off
    Thumbs up :)
    And no, i cant make plugins :( :( :(
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    Well when i thought about making this plugin, I looked it up and saw there was a Hunger Games server a while ago that seemed pretty cool. I thought making a plugin for this would be kind of a waste of time, since people have already achieved it.
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    I have played on numerous hunger games server but i want a plugin so that the server can be 24/7 and doesnt need admins on so people can play :)
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    I've started work on this plugin btw!

    - It will hook into World Edit (later it will have the option of being stand-alone)
    - You can make arenas by selecting a region and using a command like "/hgarena new <derp>"
    - You start a game with a command that'l look like "/hg start <arena> <player1> <player2>"
    - I will try my best to limit cheating while player's are in a game, in an arena
    - Haven't gotten to it yet, but i'll also have a cornucopia generator :)

    It's a lot of coding at once. Wish me luck.
    Oh, also if you wanna see me testing it you can ask for my server IP :)
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    Awesome, I own a fairly large MineCraft Community and have wanted to do hunger game events for them before, Mind if you message me your Ip? I'd love the watch it being developed.
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    Can you send me the
    Can you send me the IP too? I LOVE the Hunger Games
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    Yeah I'll send you guys the IP! Just... tomorrow because the plugin's not really testable yet. Hopefully it will be by tomorrow evening, when I can be on my server :) (If you want to know more, our server's called Minecrabs and currently in re-development)

    Hey guys! I need some help with a feature...

    Gamemakers. I'm planning on having each arena have a set of players as it's gamemakers.

    What should the gamemakers do in this plugin?

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    The gamemakers should use commands to make things happen (ie: Forest fires, floods etc)
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    Ah, okay :) I should have thought of that!
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    THIS IS AN AWESOME IDEA FOR A PLUGIN! I hope it gets done sometime soon. I currently use PVP arena to host my games and it works sorta..
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    Thanks :D This will actually get done, because i'm planning on using it for my own server by this weekend! That's my goal!
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    This weekend? Really? That would be EPIC!!! Please read this and take suggestions from it. I know I wrote a lot, I'm just happy somebody is going to make this. You don't need to make a cornucopia generator like he suggested. Make your own. Also, on mine i have generated a 600 block across glass sphere with worldedit and made it unbreakable with OtherDrops. To make it easier, you don't have to make the boundary smaller either. The GameMakers can control the herding;p The gamemakers should run the game;/ and create the arena. They can set off traps and fires and whatnot. I am putting potions and things in it too.
    All it needs to do is have everybody in a lounge room, and when the gamemaker says a command they get warped to spawn points around the cornucopia, (the gamemaker selects each of the spawn points). They are frozen for a minute, so they can get prepared, then the are released, and can do whatever they want. There should be pvp and nothing should be disabled, they should be able to break any block and tnt and fire works normally. When somebody dies, send a message to everyone, and warp the person who died to a spectator area, so they can hang out until the last person wins. When the last person kills the second to last, make an broadcast and warp them to the spectator room where everyone can cheer. Maybe give the winner something. I don't think this should be automated, the gamemaker should have to start it when there are enough players in the lounge, like a organized once a month event. I have probably said enough. Also, as the person who came up with this said, after the game is over, the gamemaker could say /hg reset or something and the arena would go back. To set up the arena you would have to mark the boundary first and say /hg save arena or something.
    Oh. one other thing is that when a player joins, they say /hg join, and the are warped to the lounge, where they hang out until the gamemaker starts the game. if someone tries to join while a game is active, they are warped to the spectator area. I APPRECIATE YOU MAKING THIS:)

    Another thing, if you are looking for a epic cornucopia, i requested one on mcschematics, and they made it for me:)

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    That's my goal :) I want to use the plugin too lol.

    Yeah the first version of this won't have built in features like fires, floods, some other third thing, etc. But hopefully I or some other dev will make some events. Maybe, maybe, it could even support custom scripted events too.

    1. Idk about that. I feel like I could leave that up to the "gamemakers" because it's not something I thought of when reading the books. At least not right now
    2. Ooh yeah I forgot about that. I might actually be able to generate the tributes' spawnpoints automagically.
    3. Will try to do that
    4. Well I am going to suggest disabling teleporting, giving (blocks), and other cheats while a tribute is in their arena, but it will be configurable
    5. I haven't tested it yet, but i might be able to make an explosion noise above every tributes' head when someone dies :D That plus a big colored message
    6. I'm also gonna leave that up to the gamemakers
    7. Wow I totally forgot about that! I'm going to hopefully save their region to a snapshot when they make it, and when they decide to save it.
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    Ya lol just thought of it off the top of my head btw has anyone seen the movie yet? Is it like the book?
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    The movie comes out in a week i think. It looks.... not bad! Just not the same though...
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    Yeah, for now the gamemakers can do this.
    This would be so people had a place to hang out before the games start. I think it would be necessary.
    ;/ i would rather that the gamemaker set each spawn point please. with a worldedit type selection, maybe use the stick?
    Well yeah... They should not be able to use any commands while playing, but they should be able to break blocks and get killed by tnt and be able to craft.
    This could be added later, just tell them to make a backup of their world first for now.

    I appreciate it!!;D

    Oh and i really think it should go like this
    lounge-> start game command-> warp to arena-> 1 min no move-> games-> when people die, announce, and warp to spectator area-> last person wins, then gets warped there. Maybe not a spectator area, but a ending hang out area. That is all the plugin should do now. To set up, set arena bounds, spawn points, lounge bounds, and spectator bounds. That is all you should do to set arena up. Everything else should not have to be managed by the plugin.

    Set up the bounds. Start the games. Thats it, other than build the arena itself.

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    This would be an amazing plugin if someone could make it but one suggestion for the commands people shouldn't be able to leave and if u disconnect while in the arena ur stuff should be dropped
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    if people disconnect they should be warped to the spectator area or killed upon logging in and then warped to the spectator area. This might be easier.
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    Currently the plugin does this:

    - Arenas are defined with a command that will look like "/hg arena new <name> <gamemakers[...]>"
    - Tributes are added to the Arena you want via "/hg addtrib <player> <arena>"
    - Games are started using the selected arena's data.

    If you're familiar with java, my Arena.class has the constructor:

    1. new Arena(
    2. CuboidSelection sel,
    3. String name,
    4. List<Player> gamemakers,
    5. List<Player> tributes,
    6. boolean inGame
    7. )

    In the config, Arenas (as of now) look like this:

        - name: derp
          world: Minecrabs
          - acuddlyheadcrab
          - videocat
          - Valcys
          - Notch
          - 0
          - 0
          - 0
          - 5
          - 5
          - 5
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    Ok im gonna go on a school field trip on the 30th to see it. It better not disappoint me......
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    Hmm, why do you need to select tributes?
    OH so instead of a lounge area, they just get warped to arena when it begins from anywhere! I get it. And once they die they can just be warped to spawn point.

    So, with that.
    GameMaker adds tributes, sets spawn points. Then they start the game with a command. All tributes get warped to spawn points around cornucopia. They play, people who die go to main spawn and it gets announced that they die. Last person wins and is announced. The end. (you don't even need to set an arena area, this should be done by the server op.

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    They would be teleported around the cornucopia in their respective spawn points, and a configurable amount of time later they are let loose and fight until everyone dies. The end.

    (Dead tributes can respawn at a configurable/command-able spawnpoint)

    EDIT: The reason I would have an arena, is to stop them from leaving. I will try to make something like a forcefield
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    The gamemaker can do that with worldedit i.e. /hsphere glass 300
    and then make it unbreakable with otherdrops
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    um... Okay thats true. I wan't the plugin to be as independant as possible, but for testing purposes, maybe that's a good idea.

    EDIT: I'm actually going to forget WorldEdit, and use distance from a spawnpoint to determine an arena. Whooo ~

    *facepalm* I should have thought of this earlier...
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    Suggestion: When the game starts (and possibly during random intervals or intervals set by gamemakers. or in the config) chests should appear around the cornucopia full of random useful items!
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    Maybe later, but at the beginning it should be extremely simple.


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    Hopefully I will be able to add that :)


    Also, if you have any suggestions, questions, or other comments about my plugin, please comment here
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    Just a thought for the plugin... can you make it so people can climb wood like a ladder so i could make an arena that had trees that people could camp in and snipe and stuff

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