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    Plugin catagory: worlds

    Plugin name: custom hub world

    What i want: a custom mc launcher that comes with plugin where it can swap betweenmods when you go to different worlds. (Mids are Ftb, mc and tekkit) so when you enter a tekkit world the launcher will change to tekkit.
    I would like messages showing who is in world and how many people are in it. And easy config.

    Ideas for commands: /tp (name) (world)
    /createworld (name) (modpack) (type)
    Any mote commands that you feel it should have feel free to add them in :)

    Ideas for permissions: doesnt matter as long as they are not too hard.

    When i'd like it by: anytime i think max time 2 months.
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    This isn't going to be made anytime soon. You don't even realize how much work that would take. You can't make it between worlds either.

    In conclusion; not possible...

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