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  1. I don't know how this works, but I've seen servers have hub servers. How do they do this? I've looked all over and If there isn't one can someone make a plugin for this?
  2. What do you mean by "hub servers"?
    (this probably sounds like a really stupid question...)
  3. If you can get on minecraft right now, try,, or If not, it's a server that people log onto to get onto different servers using some form of a portal.
  4. The owner sells the plugin for a bit, but codename_B has also made one, not sure if he is willing to give it out, though
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    I'm the actual developer of that software (known as AssetGateway), but I am no longer selling it as it is meant to be exclusive. It is not a plugin.
  6. Random question, is your sig battlefield 3 theme song?
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    no it's my sexy vocals.
  8. Right, lol
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    So is there any way to link two servers through portals?
  10. I've definitely seen a plugin for this... I'll just have a check on the plugin list...
    Sorry it's not a dev link...
    Anyway, this is probably the one I was thinking of. Having glanced at the plugin's wiki pages a bit, it looks as if users without a patched client can still teleport, but they have to manually reconnect.

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  11. People need to pm me to discuss it.
  12. Always happy to help! :)
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    Are you serious? This is what I'm looking for too. You're stupid if you don't know what a hub server is

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  14. You're stupid because you didn't read the dates. Please don't bash other people.
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    Where is the dislike button? I don't see it anywhere ._.
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    Lol calm down.
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    Guys this thread is over a year old. Lets stop bumping it.
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