'/hub' does '/server lobby'

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Verringer, Nov 12, 2013.

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    There's a few plugins that will do this, but they're full plugins. (ktriggers & commander)

    All I'd is a quick standalone lightweight .jar that does the command /hub as /server lobby. Like the large bungee servers. This'd be pretty helpful as I haven't been able to find one that does it as a standalone .jar.

    If somebody could put this together, it'd be very appreciated for my new server and it'd be a good & helpful release.
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    If you want the same thing as other Bungee servers then use BungeeCord. Bungee requires you to set online-mode to false so it isn't really good. You can use Lilypad, it's a hub server too :)
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    I have bungee set up fine. I want a plugin that allows players to do /hub and it'll do it as /server lobby.

    Basically I want to have the command /server lobby shortened down to /hub for players.
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    That should not be really hard to code but Bukkit doesn't support to join other servers without typing the IP. It is possible if you have a multi-world server but if you have other servers (multi-server) this is not possible.
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    This is supported by Bukkit.

    If you're saying that because BungeeCord is developed by SpigotMC, you have to use a Spigot build; that's wrong. Spigot is based from Bukkit which is why there's no 1.7.2 build of Spigot out yet, it's because they're waiting for Bukkit to release it.
    BungeeCord works as a server link. You can run CraftBukkit, Bukkit Plugins and anything else with Bungee.

    I'm asking for a Bukkit Plugin that shortens the command /server lobby to /hub
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    Above plugins won't work, because the command is caught by the proxy, not the server itself, so you will need to download a Bungee plugin for this, they can be found on the Resources section of the Spigot forums :)

    Bungee is not supported by Bukkit, so requesting lock...
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    It executes the command as if the player did it... I would assume it would work but i could be wrong. I've never used bungee before... =/
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    Nope, it's impossible for Bungee to add commands to the Bukkit server, so when somebody does the command, the Bukkit server has no idea that they did it, only the proxy does
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    Doesn't seem to be working. It's appearing in the Plugin list and /help hub works, but /hub does not work:(
    Same as the other one. I'm not sure why it's not working.

    Did you maybe put a capital for the /server lobby?

    I'm not sure why this wouldn't work though, surely it would? /hub is run by the player. It's the same as /server lobby. Shame:/

    I'll have a look/request on Spigot then. Thanks guys for the help.
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    Read my above posts and you'll see that the proxy catches the command, and doesn't forward it to Bukkit, so they will not work. A Bungee plugin is required.

    EDIT: You edited before I saw xD
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    Then i would assume TheKomputerKing is right. He seems to know more about bungee then i do. Try asking on the Spigot Forums.

    Always learning i guess :)

    Nice to know for the future. Thanks lol
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    Yeah, it's good to learn. I think I've found a plugin that does the same xD

    Thanks for trying, I appreciate it.
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    This is exactly why requests for Bungee should be made on their respective fourms.
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    I believed it was Bukkit side. Otherwise I wouldn't have asked on here. As it so happens I did find the plugin, it works bungee plugin side. http://www.spigotmc.org/resources/betterserverjoin.18/ and it does everything I want sort of.

    I thought it would require to be installed onto the server.
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    Locked. We do not support spigot. Just create an alias for /hub.
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