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    Plugin category: idk

    Suggested name: Heal Point or HP

    What i want:
    You can example use worldedit or a special tool that help you make a Heal Point.

    Information about what heal points do:
    Well if you stand in there you there you will slowly get health or autoamtic full health(Can be changed in config)

    I want you to make it protected whit something like worldguard.

    /hp create - Creates a Heal point (Should be regioned with tool or worldedit before this command)
    /hp tool - give you the special region tool.
    /hp - Give you the command list
    Aliases for /hp = /healpoint
    More commands can be added soon

    hp.use - Can be turned on in config, normaly off

    When i will like to have it:
    I dont mind but i will want somewhere in September

    I post a picture as a example soon
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    I think WorldGuard already has a health regen flag
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    i dont think so, but i want a plugin that can make a heal point without using much of worldguard
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Why reinvent the wheel? Worldguard has indeed a health regen flag xxMOxMOxx
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    Like i said to this:
    Yea right.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    So why so bad against worldguard?
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    Can you just stop doing decomment me(Sorry bad english)
    I want it should be much easier to make and not use much time with:
    "Oh it was that i could do",
    "Hey what is wrong?",
    "I dont like this"
    "Did is set this heal pont on fire?!"
    Do you know me now?

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