How to Use Private Warps in Niftywarp from Old Bukkit to New Bukkit?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by SolidSnake, May 30, 2012.


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    So I am having a problem. I was using Craftbukkit r1, and I have Niftywarp. I am very satisfied with it, except for one thing: I CAN'T USE PRIVATE WARPS IN A NEWER CRAFTBUKKIT VERSION!!!
    So to clarify it, I had some private warps in NiftyWarp that I used in my old craftbukkit version. But after I updated my craftbukkit version, I could only use my public warps, which means I had to make new private warps to replace all the older ones I had. Luckily, in case I screwed up, I still had my old craftbukkit so I can still use my private warps, ONLY on the old one, not the new one.
    I even checked my warp database file, and by looking at it, I immediately new that I still had my old warps.
    So now, to the point, how do I get private warps from my old craftbukkit working on my new craftbukkit? It is still there in the database file, but I can't get them working in the the craftbukkit.
    Please! Somebody help me on this ASAP, because I want to get rid of the bugs in my old craftbukkit!
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