How to Setup HeroChat!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Micro5, Jul 5, 2012.

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    Hello Everyone,
    In this thread I will be teaching How to setup HeroChat. If you have any questions, suggestions, or confusion, feel free to send me a message or post on this thread!

    • Getting the plugins we need
    • Installing the plugin
    • Setting up Channels
    • Setting permissions
    Chapter 1, Getting the plugins we need
    You need the following plugins for HeroChat
    You have to be running of PermissionsEX, bPerms, GroupManager, PermissionsBukkit, zPermissions, or SimplyPerms for your permissions.

    Chapter 2, Installing the plugin
    Once you have downloaded Vault & HeroChat, just drag them into your plugins folder and reload your server.

    Chapter 3, Setting up Channels
    Go onto your server and type "/ch create <channel>" For example "/ch create Staff". Once you have done that it will automatically set the default settings for creating a new channel. Now all you have to do is go into your Plugins Folder --> HeroChat --> Channels --> Staff.yml or <channelname>.yml. Once you are inside one of the configs, you can customize the channel how you want. You can change the color, if you want a password ( which will not be needed if you use permissions for the channel(s) ), what you want the display message to be…

    Chapter 4, Setting Permissions
    Here are a list of permissions for HeroChat from the Official HeroChat Dev Bukkit Page.
    Permission    Purpose
    herochat.create    allows channel creation    allows forcing saves on player/channel data
    herochat.reload    allows forcing reloads on player/channel data
    herochat.mod    allows use of /ch mod
    herochat.mute    allows use of /ch mute    allows use of /msg
    herochat.emote    allows use of traditional emotes
    herochat.emote.<channel>    allows using emotes in a channel
    herochat.join.<channel>    allows joining a channel
    herochat.leave.<channel>    allows leaving a channel
    herochat.speak.<channel>    allows speaking in a channel
    herochat.kick.<channel>    allows kicking from a channel
    herochat.ban.<channel>    allows banning from a channel
    herochat.mute.<channel>    allows muting in a channel
    herochat.remove.<channel>    allows deleting a channel
    herochat.color.<channel>    allows &c style colors in chat<channel>    allows use of /ch info on a channel
    herochat.autojoin.<channel>    forces automatically joining a channel upon first login
    herochat.force.join.<channel>    forces a player to join a channel on every login
    herochat.force.leave.<channel>    forces a player to leave a channel on every login
    herochat.modify.nick.<channel>    allows changing a channel’s nick
    herochat.modify.color.<channel>    allows changing a channel’s color
    herochat.modify.distance.<channel>    allows changing a channel’s distance
    herochat.modify.format.<channel>    allows changing a channel’s format
    herochat.modify.shortcut.<channel>    allows changing whether a channel allows quick messaging
    herochat.modify.password.<channel>    allows changing a channel’s password
    herochat.modify.verbose.<channel>    allows changing whether a channel shows join/leave messages
    herochat.admin.stealth    allows being hidden from 'No one hears you’ detection    allows for bold/italics/etc (only in latest dev
    If you would like to know what, what means in the config check this:
    Setting    Description
    name    the channel’s name
    nick    the channel’s nickname
    password    the channel’s password (leave blank for no password)
    color    the channel’s color (use the codes or common names from this wiki)
    distance    the maximum distance between players for messages to be heard (0 is global)
    shortcutAllowed    allows use of /<nick> <msg> to quickly send messages without changing focus
    worlds    a list of the channel’s allowed worlds
    bans    a list of banned players
    mutes    a list of muted players
    moderators    a list of moderators
    format    the channel’s format (see the Message Format Tags section for available tags)
    verbose    enables join/leave messages
    focusable    enables setting a channel as active with /ch <channel>
    If you would like to get more advanced in the permissions or information on HeroChat go to

    I hope this helped! If you have any questions, suggestions, or need any help feel free to send a message to me or post on this thread!

    Have a nice day!

    - Micro
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    Micro5 - Vault/Herochat support much more than just PEX, in fact a server can use any permission system they want with Herochat just fine, including the built-in bukkit permissions (if configured through the permissions.yml).
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    Sleaker Updated :) thanks for the notification :)
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    you don't say how to do this, but I think the next biggest thing people ask about is prefixes/suffixes etc. For them to work people need a compatible plugin with Chat Node support (PEX, bPerms, iChat, mChatSuite, etc), and to setup prefixes/suffixes/color nodes inside of that plugin too.
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    Is this updated? Can you update please.
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