How to set display name to item from mob please?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by HeyduckGuy, Jun 19, 2021.

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    public class zombie implements Listener {
    public void onPlayerKill (EntityDeathEvent event) {
    LivingEntity e = event.getEntity(); if (e instanceof Zombie) {
    e.getLocation().getWorld().dropItem(e.getLocation(),new ItemStack(Material.SUNFLOWER ,3));

    //hello i need to set display name here, but i dont know how to set ItemMeta to this Itemstack
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    You need to create a new ItemStack instance, then modify its item meta, and then drop the ItemStack.
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    You can set the ItemStack's ItemMeta using ItemStack#setItemMeta(ItemMeta).
    To modify the current ItemMeta you can get the ItemStack's ItemMeta, modify it, then set the ItemStack's ItemMeta to the modified version.
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