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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Tom Heek, May 30, 2011.

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    Tom Heek


    I want to learn how to make a simple plugin, I think it should be pretty easy for me to make some plugins, because I am pretty good at other programming languages and because almost every programming language is the same, it should be easy.

    I like to know:
    What to download to code Java.
    How to decompile and compile a .jar file.

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    The easy or the hard way?

    The easy way would be to download an IDE with the Java Compiler included. Such as Netbeans.
    The hard way would be to write your Code with Notepad, download JDK and compile it via runtime.

    I would recomment Netbeans. Download it here. Now depends on what you want to code with it. If it is only for Java you can go with the "JAVA EE". Just download, install and run it.

    If you are familiar with C or any other IDE such as Eclipse it should be pretty self-explanatory.
  4. Read my tutorial, it's on the Bukkit wiki homepage and the link's in my signature.
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    Tom Heek

    Oke, thanks for the answers, but can you also help me with client side mods?
  6. I don't do clientside mods.
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    Ive learned about plugin making by decompiling (ops) and editing opensourced plugins

    I think seeing an actual plugin makes it easyer to understand the plugin mechanics then actually getting one from the scratch

    Get some simple 2/3 class plugins , decompile them (or get source) and try to add it on Netbeans and compile it ( adding the crafbukkit jar etc ). If you can do this you have 50% way done. After this is just "fuzzyng around' the plugins and you may get how things goes.
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    Tom Heek

    Does anybody knows a good video tutorial about how to decompile and compile?
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    ThreeDGuy I steal plugins as my own

    Hey there!
    How do you make a simple folder with files such as README in a plugins folder ?
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