how to make a safe zone - NO PVP/NO DESTROYING

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Kill3rMcTavish, Aug 5, 2011.

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    like the title say, how can i create a safe zone where people can't make PVP and can't destroy? i want apply this at the spawn, where is the city.

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    can someone help me? i have tryed Bzone, EpicZones but i don't know how use it...
  3. worldguard is the best in my opinion
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    how i protect zone with pvp in worldguard? please help-me
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    Alright, download WorldGuard from here. You also need WorldEdit.

    Type //wand to get the WorldEdit wand, and select the region you want protected, then type the following:

    /region define <Region Name>
    /region flag <Your Region> build deny
    /region flag <Your Region> pvp deny

    If you want SPECIFIC people to build there, then you can do:

    /region addowner <Your Region> <Player Name>
    or if you want an entire group:
    /region addowner <Your Region> g:<Group Name>
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    how do I add a place inside the "safe zone" where you can have PvP? I made like a small place with like the "chines wall" around it and that is my "safe zone" but then I made a arena where me and my friends will have fights with each other and mobs but how do I make that place inside allow PvP? Is it accept insted of deny or what is it?
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    guys..... use faction safezone.... the command is /f claim safezone.... lol wow
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    I don't have a problem making a safezone but when i do make one anybody can still build and it isn't pvp or monster free even though in the config file I have it all set to true for safezone? anyone know why?
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    why not just go to the desired area and remove it from pvp with a desired radius and then make the same radius you removed from safezone into a warzone. that way everything will be allowed that you wish for.
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    How do you set it globally that nobody in that world can build or PVP?
  11. Necro much..

    /rg flag __global__ pvp deny
    /rg flag __global__ build deny
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