How to get top 10 killers from config?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Xores, Aug 11, 2018.

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    Hello, How to get top 10 killers from config?
  2. @Xores
    1. Create an array of "killers". It will contain 10 values/indexes.
    2. Create another array for Integers. This represents the amount of kills each of the top players has.
    3. For loop through all of the killers in the config:
    4. For each killer, check if thier kills are greater than any of the values in the array for #2. If so, for loop through all of the entries, starting at the last entry and going up to the entry of the highest value that is still lower that the checked-killers amount, and move all of the killers and their kill amount to the next index (so if killer[2] has less kills that the current killer, set killer[3] = killer[2] and set killer[2] = <the new killer>)
    5. Once you are done with the loop, the 'killer' array will contain the top 10 players, where the player with the most kills will be at index 0.
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    1. Create a HashMap with all the keys and values from the player and their kills.
    2. Create a LinkedList from the above HashMap entries.
    3. Sort the LinkedList using Collections.sort()

    So I would say:
    public void sort(){
    Map<String, Integer> map = new HashMap<String, Integer>(); // I am using a String for the player name, not for the Player object.
    // Now, put all the values you want to put in.
    map.put(/*get all the player name here*/,/*Get the player's score here*/
    // Do this put thingy for every score.
    List<Entry<String, Integer>> list = new LinkedList<Entry<String, Integer>>(map.entrySet());
    Collectibles.sort(list, new Comparator<Entry<String, Integer>>(){
          public int compare(Entry<String, Integer> o1, Entry<String, Integer> o2){
              return 01.getValue().compareTo(o2.getValue());
    for(Entry<String, Integer> item : list){
       System.out.println(item); //This will print the sorted list
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