How to disable "somebody issued server command"?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by tombik, Sep 1, 2012.

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    2012-09-01 15:37:44 [INFO] Punga issued server command: /login XXX
    2012-09-01 15:37:44 [INFO] Shop issued server command: /plugins
    2012-09-01 15:37:50 [INFO] mickl01 issued server command: /home

    Plugin list:
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    It's NocheatPlus ... I think
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    Having the same issue can confirm it is not NocheatPlus. Removed it still getting the message.

    -Removed all plugins except our spawn control and it gives the message for the /spawn command.

    -Removed all plugins except magicspells and it gives the message for the command /cast.

    So I think it is an issue with 1.3.2 As it doesn't occur on 1.3.1.
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    TnT Retired Staff

    This is a new feature of Minecraft 1.3.2.

    No way to turn it off.
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    chaseoes Retired Staff

    bukkit.yml option please? ;)
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    Isn't thtat bad? So, there is absolutely no possible way? :O
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    TnT Retired Staff

    It is not bad at all. Pretty awesome addition if you ask me.

    No, there is no way to turn it off.
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    Yah, I'll have to create a plugin to rip this out. Sure it's not bad for 10 person servers, but having 200 users on makes this unbearable and very uncessary. We have 30 MB log in 6 hrs because of this :~(
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    I agree. My live-log gets unreadable on my 150 Slot Server.
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    I'll be getting a fix put in for Spigot hopefully.
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    Maybe you can give this tool a try:

    Servers with 150 will still have problems because the chat I think and commands log will just make more problems for them. Yea I would like a config in bukkit.yml to disable this.
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    TnT Retired Staff

    Personally, I would have ripped out chat before I ripped out the command logging. Chat is useful for what? Seeing players questions? Seeing people talking to each other and what they're saying?

    Seeing the command log is useful for seeing who's trying to bypass security measures (aka, opping themselves, trying to give items, etc) and seeing what exactly the player is doing wrong with the commands they enter (aka, /pd visualise instead of /ps visualize, /t[ <name>, instead of /tp name, etc).

    In the short time this has been in Minecraft (its a vanilla feature, btw), I've found command logging has helped me far more than seeing who's swearing, or harassing other players. Harassment and swearing can be policed by mods, whereas seeing what derpy commands the players are running has not been able to be troubleshooted very well at all until now, or at least not without a plugin.

    Just seems that log size is really not that big of a concern compared to the benefit this brings. Especially considering there are command line options available to rotate your logs, and almost every server management tool does this already. ABM, the tool I use, compresses and archives the logs, and it wouldn't take much to have that feature implemented into any other management tool out there, if it doesn't exist already.
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    @TnT well if I for me the permissions system shows when someone uses a command that he has no permissions for (at least PEX did that for me). I also don't think that the new command showing feature is not useful but when you have like 200 players that do /home at the same time and then chat something your console will just flood with chat messages and command logs. So that's why I think that it should be possible to turn that of on Minecraft vanilla server over or Craftbukkit over bukkit.yml.

    I would also use this if I would have 10-60 players on, that may work OK then but 150+ I don't want to imagine that. I don't think you will be able to follow the console then with your eyes.
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    Ok, TnT, I understand you but please, give me one reason why we can not turn off this feature?
    I mean I don't need it so I want to turn it off. Why do you care about our servers.
    It's our problem if we disabled this feature, right?
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    Yes, there are bunch of useless options and plugins but this is something important.
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    2012-09-09 00:45:29 [INFO] some_player issued server command: /login 123456
    Security breach!
    Wanna see option to enable this function only for certain commands, not for all.
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    Please make both configurable, chat log is useful for checking for abusive chat or relating things that happend to what has been spoken then, command log is useful for checking for abusive command use or relating things that happened to what commands have been issued. Both being possible in "vanilla style" CraftBukkit use without extra plugins would be a good thing to have.

    I see the usefulness in both, but in my opinion both should be configurable for if to log. Forcing server owners to have all those logs just contradicts bukkit "making things possible". If people want to restrict the log to certain commands or chat content a plugin should do the logging, while CB does then not log chat/commands, thus needing a switch for such.

    How big logs can be might be restricted by server hosters, thus giving people less time covered in logs including commands and/or chat without any means of selection. Telling people to buy a dedicated server certainly is not a valid option and using an extra plugin to create a second log also increases file IO unnecessarily.
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    TnT Retired Staff

    If you truely feel this is a restriction then you haven't seen the command line options already available in CraftBukkit. You can limit logs, rotate logs, among many other features. Log size is not an issue whatsoever.

    Toward your first point, plugins can intercept and remove those messages if you wish. I have a plugin that does that for the "connection lost" messages.
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı Retired Staff

    How does standard logging procedure make things not possible?
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    Log size can be an issue, because logs often don't get stored with hosted servers. So if it is spammed with information the server owner does'nt need then the log covers less time and is less useful. That is a practical consideration, having in mind hosted servers, which are many. Those often do not have access to commandline options.

    Edit: This might be a pointless discussion, if you can just access the logger from plugin side and alter it to filter messages... never mind ...
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    TnT Retired Staff

    That is a hosting company limitation, not a Bukkit/CraftBukkit limitation. Have you asked your hosting company how you can access those options? Seems easier to ask for and expect full access to the command line options built into CraftBukkit already than suggesting that we limit your abilities to do things we clearly provide, but your hosting company does not.
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    Some people still use 6gb micro drives ya know?
    1TB + 120GB SSD FTW
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    Those hosting companies have ten thousands of servers running, probably it will soon be the majority of all 24/7 servers in the world, might it matter who uses the software? And full acess... what's next?

    I asked for an addition giving two simple flags into the hand of server owners to control if chat/commands get logged, without need for plugins. Multiple worlds setup also can be done by plugins, yet it had been added to bukkit.yml.

    Maybe Minecraft will add those two cheap flags anyway...
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    TnT Retired Staff

    You prefer to ask for useless features, instead of using existing ones? I do not understand your logic.

    No, bukkit.yml doesn't allow for multiple worlds. It allows a world container folder - so admins can put all worlds into one folder, and it allows the server to turn off the default "The-End" world generation, but you cannot add more worlds with it and have CraftBukkit run the worlds.
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    Well we are on "half right" here. The bukkit.yml does allow to specify world generators for worlds, those generators could for instance be provided by a world generator plugin. I am not sure if it only works for the world + nether/end that is specified in the or if it also works for further worlds.

    In any case that's an example for stuff that can be done by plugins but which is included in the bukkit.yml.

    It's not useless, you just don't seem to want it for whatever reason :).

    An existing feature is also to have a plugin log commands, so why the hell does bukkit now force us to install a plugin to turn off command logging? Should i now call that "insanity by design"? I would find that an exaggeration...

    For a good bit this is a matter of perspective and neither way is "good". All these things can be done and have been done by plugins, so adding such a feature can be seen as "forcing users to install a plugin to turn off commands logging", but it can also be seen as "enabling users not to be forced to install a plugin to log commands". Now that it does not make a great difference in terms of what is possible, one could start questioning, why has it been brought up now without being configurable? The difference is that this addition forces a plugin to examine EVERY log message in order to filter it away. Before this addition a command logging plugin would have intercepted command events with near no extra cost for it. So in effect this addition was rather "useless". That should make clear why my point is in fact quite valid.

    But the point about command logging is, that it is in Minecraft vanilla 1.3 ? Then it is highly understandable that Bukkit simply adds it. Still switches would make sense both for chat and commands.
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    turt2live Retired Staff

    Just throwing my opinion out there... Feel free to correct/murder me over it. Just leave cookies :3

    A log is just that, a log. A log is generally supposed to fill up, rotate if needed, and be packed away. When you need it you can open it up, read it, and see pretty much a snapshot of the server.

    Why would you limit yourself information on something you don't even care about? So you have to scroll a bit because someone said "x said y and needs z punishment", maybe you'll catch them doing something else now.

    And if you're going to complain about harddrive space being taken up... please, shhh. 1 TERABYTE of space costs $100 or less (source, prices in Canadian Dollars) meaning for your server host (if any) it will cost them half to 1/4 less because they can buy much more than 1tb in one sitting. If your host limits you, download the logs every so often and delete them off your host, and invest $100 to store PLENTY of logs.

    Next complaint: Console spam. Consoles (keep in mind, this is MY opinion, I'm not a professional or pretend to be) should be looked at if they start spewing errors or similar. Otherwise it can be left alone to be used when needing debugging on the server, quick administration, or a change needs to be made. If you are not updating plugins, debugging your server, or reading errors (which can be read in those things called logs...), then you really have no need to read the console like a teleprompter.

    Next complaint: There should be a toggle. No. CraftBukkit is vanilla with a developer-friendly API (plugins). And because I know someone is going to slap me with 'but X is in!!', here's my response: Although present, it still stays as close as possible to vanilla. You don't see Bukkit adding new world options, just an API for developers to add those options themselves. The same concept should be applied to chat/commands: Don't want them? Create a plugin (or as for one).

    Quit complaining: Whether they change it is not up to you, there are use-cases for both sides. Don't like it? Provide a PR (Pull Request) and a leaky ticket (or ask a developer to do it, I will not). If you cannot meet these simple requests, continue to rant, it won't get you very far.

    Thank you for your time, enjoy ripping me apart. Like I said: Leave cookies, and yes that is plural.
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    turt2live: That is just wrong.

    I am just responding to the mistaken judgements people are putting up here.

    "logs are just logs" makes no sense whatsoever, you could activate debug settings by default and say "uh it is the log why do people complain?".

    That is just blunt nonesense, sorry.

    I will still quit this discussion, i have made my point, if you don't understand it, then i am sorry for you.

    Edit: But let's not be picky, it is a vanilla addition, so it is in. The usefulness for Vanilla servers may be there, as an addition to bukkit, assuming it was not in vanilla, it would not make that much sense per se. I forgot to mention that file-io does cost performance for most systems.
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    turt2live Retired Staff

    I'm sorry that you don't think like me and like to collect data?

    Like I said, it was my opinion, opinions aren't wrong unless you start breaking laws/rights.

    I simply don't think it matters if a server has 200 logs all 1mb each.
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    That is a completely different question. I am speaking from a more general perspective, not having in mind my own dedicated server with a so and so Terra-bytes hard drive etc.

    And your opinion contains judgements and also addresses people with "quit complaining" mixing in with not reading what people wrote.

    The only valid agument for the command logging is that it is in vanilla mc. Everything else is opinions and preferences of people that i could not see well backed up by reasoning (yet) in this thread .)

    Given that it IN FACT IS in vanilla Minecraft, i have the highest understanding for it being added to CB. So no need to "silence" people using dubious reasoning .
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