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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by SkeloPatch, Jan 27, 2012.

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    So ive been wondering for a while now on how to disable the command /plugins to all users but myself, because players keep asking "can I be a cow?" And "Can I be invisible"?
    Just because I have the plugins mobdisguise and vanishnopickup, So i want to disable the command for all users BUT myself, so i can still use it.
    because I need most of my plugins for economy, world editing, and going rogue (around suspicious players) so if someone can tell me how to disable the command that would be great!
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    You can hide MobDisguise and Vanishnopickup from the plugin list with some plugins
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    You could use SLAMP, as shown above, or PluginList
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    I try to avoid adding plugins if possible. Simple = stable.

    So I've added a null alias for /plugins and /pl on my server. You could also use permissions to deny the use of this and other bukkit commands. IMO, either are a better solution than SLAMP or PluginList.
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    PermissionsEX ftw! :p
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    if you use PEX and for example to give some group access to commands /ban /kick /spawn /afk /tp
    you would need to give him permissionslik

    - essentials.ban
    - essentails.kick
    - essentails.spawn
    - essentails.afk

    than if other group inheritance permissions from that group and you just want to remove for this group few permissions you add

    - -essentials.ban
    - -essentials.kick

    so in your case

    - -plugins

    that was just example i dont know what is permission for /plugins
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    You can supposedly use the default bukkit nodes to turn it off or use a alias to rewrite it to nothing, but I used rTriggers to override the /pl, /plugins and /version commands and display a error message in its place. I personally like the rTriggers method the best since I already use it for other stuff.
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    Vanilla plugin i think its called
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