How To Create Custom Items?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by MRstrategy, Jan 14, 2014.

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    Please read all of this before replying!
    So, I was playing a server with the plugin, "Shopkeepers" Which allows custom villager trades.
    there was a trade I saw that was a piece of charcoal named "Valour" with enchantment "Unbreaking 1" In trade for 1 fish.
    Yes, I know of plugins that allow the edit of name/lore/enchants.
    So, on my server, when I renamed a piece of charcoal "Valor" and put it in the custom trades, the trade still worked with a normal piece of charcoal.
    If this is hard to understand, think of it this way:

    (Charcoal) Valor - Unbreaking 1 [Traded For] 1 fish
    If I put a normal piece of charcoal in for trade, it wont accept the trade.

    My Server:
    (Charcoal) [Renamed Valor] Valor - unbreaking 1 [Traded for] 1 fish.
    If I put a normal piece of charcoal (Not named valor) The trade still works.
    Its almost as if the (Valor) on that server Is its own, original item.
    I really need to know how I can do this so I can do some things for my server, please help me out as to how I can make it to where, ONLY that specific item with title etc will make the trade acceptable
  2. Do you have the last version of shopkeeper? I followed the plugin shopkeeper for a long time and later on they added support in the newest version.
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    I do, so is there something in the config I need to change? If so, could you tell me what it is I need to change? xP
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