How to convert a String to a World

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by JoshyDEWstive, Nov 8, 2015.

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    Im stuck on trying to convert a string grabbed from a config file to a world, could you help me?
    I have tried casting and making multiple variables like:
    String setWorldS = plugin.getConfig().getString("world");
    World setWorld = (World) setWorldS;
    Please help me, that would be much help to me and maybe others who are having the same problem!

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    Use Bukkit.getWorld(String);
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    1. Your poll is useless and should not be here
    2. Your poll makes it sound like this thread should have been in resources, yet this is about how to solve a problem that already has dozens of threads about how to go about this.
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    String stringworld = getConfig().getString("");
    World world = getServer().getWorld(stringworld);
    // I wrote it right here, so it might be a bit wrong .
    // Hope I helped :)
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