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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Licio123, Dec 17, 2014.

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    Guys I was realy trying to know how its posible can anyone explain me?

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    Well they probably have good builders. It's a neat looking building!
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    I mean this santa claus's car moves throgh the map
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    Falling blocks, probably the best way in my opinion. Especially since the blocks move... Look into them.
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    custom resourcepack so maybe it are mobs. You are forced to download the mineplex resourcepack. So i guess it are mobs, As seen from the shadow below the blocks
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    It looks like a skeleton riding a cart in red leather armour.
  7. @mythbusterma
    He asked how to do it an not that you say what you see on this image. There are no 'carts' in Minecraft.
    No there is no resourcepack needed. I played this minigame and used the default resource pack and it worked.

    They are using custom FallingBlock's that don't transform into solid blocks when they hit the ground
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    Actually they use mine carts believe it or not. :p The mine carts have blocks put in them, just at a different height. Not sure if you seen it but they have a sp map that literally has spheres using mine carts. If you're going to that your gonna need a good /summon command that i'm not familiar with. Also try mizzle or mizzel2 they use some of the same properties.
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    @Licio123 It's (probably) bats(or some other mob), which has had it's AI & Sounds removed, which is then disguised as a Falling Block, and then gets teleported around.
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    Not likely... But, it could be possible. :p
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    It could be FallingBlocks and velocity manipulation.
  12. Is it just me or is Santa looking a bit old there?
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    This I think. Makes the most sense.
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    I'm sorry, this post is so specific that I completely missed what he was asking. I thought he wanted to know how to do this, and considering I haven't played on the server, I wouldn't know anything about any falling blocks.
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    Does anyone know how to get fallingblocks to sit on the ground without turning into solid blocks. The only thing I can do is cancel the event, but then the block disappears.

    I have pretty much turned the Internet inside out looking for an answer to this question.
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    @567legodude Recreating them when they turn into a block. Using velocity to hold them up a little higher then the ground. There is probably a better way, but these are my ideas.
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    Smart ;O
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    You're all overthinking it xD I'm watching allot of Redstone Videos, and they experimentate with it allot, especially with Commands.

    My guess is, under the floor there're Minecarts with some stacked Entites on it. The Entities are Invisible and on top they stack an Block. It's possible with /summon I think, but it's really hacky to do it.

    With real programming access it should be fairly easy. My other Idea is just as the other said, Falling Blocks. It is possible to let them fly in the air, because I made some Falling Block hacking when it came out. And I remeber you were able to let it fly and look like a solid block. But anyway, it's not gonna be easy with moving, but I think with Bukkit and setting some Velocity it's faily easy. Good Luck :)
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    I thought the same thing! ^^^

    @JordyPwner Although they didn't ask you to download a resource pack. Or even automatically download it. Therefore it's not very likely that they use a resource pack. Also mobs don't exactly move that straight. -_-
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