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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by obit8, Nov 10, 2012.

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    I guys, i use GroupManager and i want set, for VIp account, the possibility to set 3, 4 or 5 homes.

    The ony nodes i found are essentials.sethome and essentials.sethome.multiple.

    Someone of you know if i can put essentials.sethome.3 for example?
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    essentialshome section of essentials config.yml.
    # Allow players to have multiple homes.
    # Players need essentials.sethome.multiple before they can have more than 1 home, defaults to 'default' below.
    # Define different amounts of multiple homes for different permissions, e.g.
    # People with essentials.sethome.multiple.unlimited are not limited by these numbers.
    default: 3
    vip: 5
    # essentials.sethome.multiple.staff
    staff: 10
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    afistofirony would let people with that permission set however many homes the VIP group has configured in the Essentials config.

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    i find this nodes, but it doesn't work with GroupManager.
    I set to vip-plus group, but they still can set only 1 home.

    No way, seems that GroupManager can't load essentials-home.

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    Give the group the "essentials.sethome.multiple" permission AND the "" permission. I use PermissionsEx, but it should work for every permissions system :)
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    I've put it, i've also tryed essentials.sethome + essentials.sethome.multiple +
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    You have to set up multiple home in the Essentials config file before you can give permissions for it. All multiple homes have custom permissions set by the admin.

    First you have to enable the ability to set mutiple homes in the Essentials config.yml
    Then you need to set up the multiple home amounts per group in the Essentials config.yml
    Then you can give the appropriate permissions.
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    I did it in the section essentials home in the Essentials config.yml.
    I set 1 to defautl, 6 to vip 10 to staff, but permissions doesn't work!!!
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    Not sure if you have done this already but the player must have 2 permissions to get multiple homes.
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    Is exactly what i've done!
    Do you think that permissionEX could work better than GroupManager?
    Because i've another problem, always with GroupManager, i've set up permissions node for TP to group "moderatore", but only "op" players can use /tp, people in "moderatore" group stil can't use the command!!!!! Always the same.
    I put a node in GroupManager, and it doesn't work.
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    I agree with obit8, permissionEX is better thsn group manager. It is more easier to config. Ive used before group manager to config my permission, but some didn't work. So I change it to permissionEX and it works PERFECTLY!
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