how many players can i host ?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by omg8456, Aug 15, 2016.

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    I could want to know a plugin server
    as my server having 48 plugins
    i want to know around each player use how many Mb ?
    and what is recommend players for ram 4GB and 8GB (these different can host how many players ? )
    network 500Mb
    cpu i5
    i hope all players could run smooth and not lagging
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    Players don't just use a static amount of megabytes in RAM, it's much more complicated than that.
    Basically, I got away with 100 players on a 4GB RAM server, but the RAM is not the only factor here - if your processor is awful, you're going to have a bad day. You stating that your CPU is an i5 does not give any information - there are cheap i5s that are good enough for a 2006 server setup, and there are ones that can run entire infrastructures.
  3. @omg8456
    Adding onto what @thapengwin said, there is no clear number of players just depending on your specs, it has to do with lots and lots of things like internet speed. To find out of what is the magic number for you, I recommend just experimenting.
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    i5 3470 how many players can i host around ? ( at least can host how many ?)
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    I'd go for around 50, if your server doesn't lag at all with 50 you can ramp it up to 100.
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    i would assume u r talking about 4gb ram, not 8gb

    (he asked for both :p)
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    Well, 8gb dedicated to a minecraft server is a bit overkill, isn't it?
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  8. Hypixel's network is around 14TB, is 8GB still overkill :p
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    On one server?!

    How to do what?

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  10. No, across the network.

    It's a bot don't worry
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    And I meant 8gb for one dedicated server earlier, which definitely is a bit overkill
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    This also depends on how resource intensive each plugin is, depending on how resource intensive each plugin is will also factor in on your ram usage, which could effect your players connection (making them lag)
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    I can get 2 players with 49 plugins on 0.5 GB of RAM.

    Dual Xeon CPUs, DDR3 ECC RAM with CPU usage never going over 70% in the peak hours

    I am not on a dedicated server.

    I cant really tell if it's laggy or not. but it gameplay seems to be good enough.

    I would restart the server daily. I think it cleans up the server's RAM a bit. I can do this automatically on my panel. It's set at night.
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  15. @Tails_Prower_24 You also may want to get a plugin like my LaggRemoverPlus to keep tps up and ram down.
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