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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by ThatGuyWhoDied13, Dec 9, 2013.

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  1. Hey, I was recently playing on a server and I noticed this on the scoreboard.
    The question is how did they make the title more than 16 chars long?
    when I did this in my plugin it kicked the player evertime
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    I know someone who may be helpful.
    stuntguy3000 remember the prison plugins scoreboard? You did this with it.
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    Want to know too! BUMP!
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    The title is up to 32 chars.
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    If you use more chars for the title it would only throw an IllegalArgumentException. So you must have messed up somewhere else when setting the scoreboard. Tested localy and online.. works like a charm to get 32 chars as a titel

    The setDisplayName() method is within the Objective-Class of the Scoreboard

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  6. L33m4n123 it was only an objective that I messed up and put 17 chars because i miss counted
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    You can bump the scores up to I believe 48 with prefixes/suffixes, but it might be less.
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