How do you get more players on your server?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Timppali, Feb 8, 2015.

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    Hi, I'm having a small problem. Actually it's quite a big problem. My server is all nice and pretty but no players are joining. I have made a post on PMC plus 3 other voting sites. We just don't seem to get players to saty on our server.

    We have Factions, (Which is a separate server), KitPvP, Creative and Minigames suc as Survival Games, CTF and King of the Hill. Players say they like how the spawn looks and love the server but after a while they leave because its boring to play with only 1 or 2 players on. I don't know what to do. Any suggestions?

    My server is called TimeCraft and the IP is We have this kind of time-theme but I'm not sure if it's vsible enough for the players. That's our way to make the server unique. Please help.
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    1. VPN votes when they are reset or use this
    2. If you just want Players and not actual people you can create new EntityPlayer and CraftPlayer instances and invoke PlayerList#a() to actually create/log the Player in.
    3. Modify the player count so server lists think you have more people on then you really do using this. If you add like 10 players to your player count it will stand out more when you bump. Not many people mention/bitch about the fact that you don't really have 10 people online.
    4. Create a Java bot that joins servers and spams your server's ip
    tl;dr Learn Java. Lose ethics
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    @Timppali Well, i got the best anwser. Tried to check out your server, but its down :D, so first fix your server 24/7, and then ask us how to get players ;)
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    Be original and unique. The world doesn't need ANOTHER factions server, or ANOTHER Creative server. The fact is that if your server is just like the others, then there isn't any reason to go to yours. A feature that I've seen is that there are perks for inviting people. IE: bring two friends and get premium rank unlocked for a month. Also if I were you I'd get a premium domain and a website. leads to here which doesn't say much for the server and only makes it seem like a wannabee server. I recommend either creating your own website, or using a slightly used template(1). DO NOT USE ENJIN OR SIMILAR FORUM SOFTWARE, IT IS OVERUSED AND AWFUL. For instance, my site uses MyBB, but its modded to have a homepage, about page, donate page, dynmap, and has a special template; it took me maybe 2 days to set up without any PHP or HTML skills.

    (1) What I meant by slightly used template, is a template that hasn't been used very often, or at all.
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