Solved How do I set up PEX to automatically add new players to both the default and patreon ladders

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by KitsuneBoy, Apr 12, 2017.

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    Hi everyone,

    I am having a bit of a problem creating the PEX ladders for my server.

    I have the ladders set up and they work perfectly fine. I can use both /pex promote username and /pex promote username patreon as well as their demote counterparts, that is not really my problem.

    My problem is when users join my server for the first time, they automatically get put into the Member group on the default ladder but not into the None group on the patreon ladder. I want new players to automatically get put into both groups on both ladders.

    So this is an example of what I want to happen

    KitsuneBoy Member patreon None

    Then I could just use /pex promote KitsuneBoy to promote that user up the default latter and /pex promote KitsuneBoy patreon to promote that user up the patreon ladder - and of course the demote command to demote the user up and down those ladders - without needing to manually add them to the patreon ladder; which is what I am having to do as of right now.

    (I have used my own Minecraft name in the examples but obviously I would not be doing this with myself)

    Here is a copy of my PEX permissions.yml file that I have uploaded to pastebin

    How do make it so new players are automatically added to both the default and patreon ladders when the first join the server?

    Server type: Latest craftbukkit server
    Server version: 1.11.2
    Installed Plugins: PermissionsEx, Vault, GriefPrevention, Citizens, Essentials, EssentialsSpawn
    Plugin versions: All installed plugins are the latest versions for my server


    --- Problem has now been fixed: This reply is an update to my original post saying how I fixed the problem ---

    --- Summary of original question --

    In the post above I was asking how to get new players to join two permissions groups in separate layers automatically upon joining to the server for the first time. I was having problems getting PEX to auto join new users onto both ladders.

    --- Fix for original problem ---

    The fix for this was actually quite simple as it turned out.

    It turned out that there was a problem in my permissions.yml file for PEX. I had incorrectly defined the ranks for the patreon ladder which means the /pex promote player_name patreon command wasn't working as expected and because the ranks were incorrectly defined PEX was confused about which ladder it should be working from - resulting in the user not on this ladder error and having to manually add players.

    I corrected the rank definitions, made some minor changer in the wording and layout of my PEX permissions.yml file as shown in this updated paste

    Once I had done that, I deleted all user data from the server and deleted all the world files (none of the actual core files or plugin were deleted, just user data and world files)

    Once the server was cleaned out properly I shut the server down completely via a hardware shutdown. Letting the server cycle through a hardware shutdown cleared out all volatile memory on the server and allowed the server to reinitialize its hardware and software.

    Once the server had powered back on I cleared out the log files and caches and removed a few other erroneous artifacts and then cycled the server through a Software shutdown.

    After the server software had restarted, I deleted the existing permissions.yml file from the PermissionsEx folder - which can be found in the plugins folder and uploaded the new version of permissions.yml via SSH.

    After that I initialized the craftbukkit server software using the command ./ (this ran a shell script that I had previously created during initial setup) initialising the craftbukkit software and assigning server resources with a default configuration.

    Once I had craftbukkit running again I ran the following commands in the screen session I had assigned to craftbukkit, via terminal

    pex set default group Member true
    pex set default group Not_Patreon true

    Those commands are the same as using pex set default group <group> <value> [world] but by leaving [world] off the end of the command they set both the Member group of the default ladder and the Not_Patreon group of the patreon ladder as global defaults in the global config.yml file

    At that point I stopped craftbukkit by typing stop into the terminal. From there I made sure that no erroneous artifacts had been created and restarted craftbukkit using the ./ command from earlier.

    After completing this process and getting a test user to login to my minecraft server via multiplayer, PEX automatically assigned them to both the Member and Not_Patreon groups of the default and patreon ladders respectively.

    I was then able to test via terminal by running the commands

    pex promote NekoBoyCute
    pex promote NekoBoyCute patreon

    and then

    pex demote NekoBoyCute
    pex demote NekoBoyCute patreon

    Both promote and demote now works automatically for both ladders and I no longer have to manually add users to the patreon ladder.

    -- The whole process including reformatting and reworking my permissions.yml file took approximately 60 minutes

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