How do i make a plugin?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Grazer46, May 8, 2011.

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    I just want to know how to make a plugin.
    Coulf you maybe link me to a toturial or something?
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    Creating a Bukkit plugin isn't that easy. You need at least a little knowledge of Java at first. If you want some Java tutorials you can search up 'Java tutorials' and start there. If you DO know Java then you should start here: If you want some videos of it, a great guy by the name of 'Samkio' does some awesome Plugin tutorials. He goes fast but it is required that you know Java so you can follow along.
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    lol at the people in that video page commenting "you dont explain what the codes mean? Wtf?"
    Sad world... trying to learn java on youtube from a tutorial... its obviously made for people who have an understanding of it, i feel bad for the video creator getting trolled by these idiots.
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    I know. I would really get mad for something like that. I mean Java isn't something you learn in a day. It takes months of practice. Some people can get it in weeks. But there are tutorials out there. Even without college classes.
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