How do I get all the blocks of ASkyBlock island?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by jqsh4, May 16, 2018.

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    I am currently working on a /is top plugin, and I am using the ASkyBlock API. I just need to know how you might calculate the island worth (or get the blocks of the island since that is the only thing I am having problems with). If you could respond as soon as possible that'd be great. I've looked everywhere, and I cannot seem to find an answer, so here I am.
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    Hi @jqsh4 , i never used ASkyBlockAPI but as i can see you can use -->

    getLongIslandLevel(java.util.UUID playerUUID) <-- insert island's owner uuid. (return the island level --> LONG) return the level long the last time it was calculated

    calculateIslandLevel(java.util.UUID playerUUID) <-- (enter the island's owner uuid) Calculate the level of an island (LONG)

    getLongTopTen() <-- return the top ten island's in a ((Map<java.util.UUID,java.lang.Long>)) (for all island in the top ten it return the Owner's uuid and the island's level (LONG)

    All this informations was taken in the ASkyBlockAPI (I don't know if it's the formal Api)
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