How approval is going now?

Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by fromgate, Sep 19, 2014.

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    I noticed that approval queue is now processed very fastly. I think it's great! Many authors now will be able to present their plugins to server owners.
    However, I am concerned about one thing. Are these "fast-approved" plugins really safe?
    Today someone told me that his plugins are stolen and uploaded to BukkitDev:
    Here is original project:
    Here is "new" project:
    How could it happen that this "new" project has been approved?
    • It's name is same to name of another plugin.
    • Description of this project is just awful: unformatted and unreadable.
    • Plugin was stolen.

    If plugins are not reviewed now and approved automatically just after uploading I think we must know about it. I'm afraid we must be ready to download malicious and stolen plugins from BukkitDev now :(
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    I think the Curse staff are approving plugins instantly, this is because there isn't any BukkitDev staff anymore and I doubt that they have the time to decompile each plugin.
    If you report the plugins, I'm sure they'll get looked at.
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    Plugins are reviewed. By humans. Report the plugin. Without a report the plugin ends up sitting there longer until we see a complaint buried on the forums.
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