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  1. Plugin category: Player Information

    Minecraft version: 1.12.2+

    Suggested name: HoverInfo

    What I want: A plugin of when you hover over someones name in chat you see details about the player, such as: Hours played, Join date, Kills and so on. I would like it so you can create your own placeholders. An example of this would be, if I was making a HarryPotter themed server then I could see what wand type or what kind of blood status this was e.g. Half-Blood, Pure-Blood. I would also like it so you can change placeholders/remove or create some in the configuration file. In the config file I would like, list of the placeholders and see what is active, plus it the information will be for all players and all with have separate information, specific to that player. Also the layout of how you see the information.
    Example of this is :
    #Layout of hover
    - Name: Example
    - Time Played: 857 hours

    Ideas for commands:
    Reloads Plugin: /hoveri reload
    Stops Plugin and disables the plugin use of hovering over names : /hoveri stop
    Stars the Plugin and allows the use of hovering over names: /hoveri start

    Ideas for permissions:

    When I'd like it by: 1 Week preferably
    ( I know it takes time )
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    I'm interested in picking this project up. I can find a few references to people either making versions, or requesting versions, for the last few years... such as this one:

    The basic idea is to override/replace the standard messages people send, in order to link their username to the contents of the plugin `.yml` file. In the future, these can be filled with live data, but the first version would have the contents as you described in the original post: name, time played, etc. `/hover reload` would reload all the tooltips from this file without having the restart the server.

    Ideally, only the username would be hoverable, but I'll start off with having the entire message itself display the tooltip, then narrow down to replacing the username itself. Will update in the next few days to let you know how it goes, might be done within a week!


    Edit: Already finished almost this whole project up! Once 1.0.0 is ready, will post to Bukkit forums and mark it as such (currently at 0.1.1). Check out the source here:

    And screenshots/instructions here:


    Edit 2: Updated with 1.0.0, everything is working tip-top for me as per requests. Not sure what permissions system you're using, but I attempted to conform to the default Bukkit standards. Will keep testing an upload to Bukkit Forums soon :)


    Edit 3: Updated 1.0.1 to support Java 8, which is what most Minecraft machines run.
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  3. Great plugin thank you!
    I will be using this
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